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“[SINGAPORE] #SGKStar2015 – Where K-pop Meets Classic Art”


This year’s SGKstar festival can be said to have introduced a fusion of traditional and modern art. For the ‘modern’ aspect, trendy artists such as BTOB, DAY6, SISTAR, MONSTA X and GOT7 held special fanmeetings over the course of three days starting 4 December at Marina Bay Sands.

Aside from the K-pop festivals and fan goodies that were available, fans of Korean culture were treated to art and cultural activities such as the Hanbok fashion show from Ms Lee Young Hee and the sale of various food and fashion items imported directly from Korea at the event venue. The official sponsor for the event SKECHERS also displayed a large collection of their signature footwear with special discounts for those in attendance!


UAngel Voice kicked started the after performances, serenading us with their powerful vocals after fans rocked it out with DAY6 on 5 December. With top notch vocal stamina and control, the group of five members hilariously and wittily conversed in English with the audience as they belted out powerful stage performances non-stop, with occasional accompaniment by the piano.

After a splendid opening by UAngel Voice, the stage was quickly transformed into a runway for the highly anticipated fashion show from Ms Lee Young Hee. The show started with models showcasing traditional Hanbok pieces, expressing delicate designs and colours as part of the designer’s collection.


Things soon took into a drastic change as more modern and bold patterns appeared on stage, transforming the fashion runway into a more daring walkway for the models. Brighter colours were seen along with design cuts that were made to match modern statements such as high heels and slit cuts; a total reversal from the traditional Hanbok beauty that we are accustomed to. The fashion show ended on a high as all models gathered and formally introduced designer Ms Lee Young Hee on stage with a congratulatory walk and bow, showcasing a fantastic closure to the event along with photo-op with beloved family and friends.


With three days of fun filled events and enjoyment from fans in attendance, we would like to sincerely express our gratitude to SGKstar 2015 and Three Angles Production for extending invites to The Seoul Story to provide media coverage for all events!



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