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“[SINGAPORE] PENTAGON Shake Things Up At Their First Ever Showcase In Singapore”

Cube Entertainment’s latest boy group PENTAGON, came down for their first ever showcase in Singapore in June. Consisting of ten members – Jinho, E’Dawn, Kino, Yan An, Shinwon, Yuto, Yeo One, Wooseok, Hui and Hongseok – the group was formed and debuted last year, and have been continuously gaining fans over the past few months. Unfortunately, Yan An was unable to attend the showcase due to an injury.

Jam-packed with fans, the theater was filled with UNIVERSEs (the band’s official fan club name) who were already electrified by the atmosphere within the venue. The crowd went berserk as the nine members of PENTAGON finally made their appearance onstage.

Of energetic dance moves and beautiful voices

A bass-heavy song was certainly the perfect start to the showcase, as the boys performed “Wake Up” to pump up the audience. The next song was the group’s namesake, titled “Pentagon”. It was, without doubt, an excellent song with which to welcome the fans!

The nine handsome members of PENTAGON then introduced themselves. Hongseok, who had lived in Singapore for four years, revealed that Bukit Timah Plaza is his favourite place in Singapore. That certainly caught the audience off-guard, as they had probably expected him to name a popular tourist spot. Afterwards, Hui disclosed that they were going to perform “Engine”, one of the songs from the group’s latest album “Five Senses”. It was a performance that they had prepared specially for their Asia showcase!

A little later, after performing their debut song “Gorilla”, Hongseok took the mic as if to reveal a secret to the audience. He jokingly said that the actual title of the song they had just sang was called “Goril”, but a Singlish suffix “la” was added because they knew that they were going to have a showcase in Singapore. Fans looked as though they did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Hugs Galore!

Shortly after came the time for games with fans! Nine lucky fans were chosen and paired up with each PENTAGON member. Wooseok and Yuto held their respective fans’ hands, making the audience green with envy. The game was such that the host would have to call out a number, after which the game participants would have to form groups according to the number called out.

It was a flurry of chaos, not only on the stage, but also among audience members, as participants quickly tried to form groups without being left out. There was certainly a lot of hugging going on, which mainly contributed to the screams off-stage. Finally, three fans and Yuto were the only ones left! Those three fans were the lucky fans who won Polaroid photos with the member they were paired with. Of course, all the fans who had participated walked away with an autographed album each.

It was time for the boys to entertain the crowd with their enigmatic performances once again. Among the songs they had sung were “Smile”, “Find Me” and “Young”. Both “Find Me” and “Young” are pre-debut songs which were introduced during the era when the boys were participating in the survival show “PENTAGON Maker”.

A surprise came when Yeo One, Jinho, Hongseok, Kino and Shinwon appeared and proceeded to serenade fans with a cover of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”. Everyone could not help but to sing along with the charming boys!


Surprise E’Dawn!

Another big surprise happened when a cake was brought out. Everyone then sang a birthday song for E’Dawn, who looked pretty bewildered. Birthday banners were held up by audience throughout the event. E’Dawn revealed that he had never had a birthday party since high school. It was his first birthday party with the other PENTAGON members and UNIVERSEs. His touching words made fans cheer louder, determined to make E’Dawn feel cherished.

PENTAGON continued the showcase with “Can You Feel It”, “You Are” and last but not least,“Pretty Pretty”. During “You Are”, the boys stepped off stage to walk among the audience, giving out roses at random. The romantic ballad they sang had fans falling for the charming men once again.

After performing “Pretty Pretty”, PENTAGON had to bid everyone goodbye. From the look of the faces in the audience, they were still reeling from the upbeat and cheerful manner the boys had exited the stage!

We would like to extend our thanks to IME Singapore and Three Angles Production for allowing us to cover the showcase. We also wish Yan An a speedy recovery and hope that the boys will be able to visit us again as ten next time!

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