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“[SINGAPORE] FTISLAND Rocks Out With Passion & Love For ‘THE TRUTH’ in Singapore”

The crowd jams out to the tremendous beat of the tune, embracing the overflowing aura emitted through the megastars on stage. After 3 long years, FTISLAND finally rocked their stage on Singapore grounds once again, overwhelming the crowd with their dazzling vocals and extraordinary stage presence. This time, they sang brand new songs from their 6th full-length album, “Where’s The Truth”.

Despite being a 9-year-old band, many fans found themselves flocking to the quintet’s concert, which is no big shocker as it is incredibly hard to fall out of love with them. Speaking of ‘Out Of Love’, that was their opening song of the night! Once they graced the stage, Primadonnas roared, their cheers being evident proof that the 3 year long wait is all worth it.

The band then moved on to sing ‘Lose’, ‘Time To’, and ‘Cycle’ without a break, their unfaltering rock-spirit empowering the fans at the concert. During the intermission, Hongki expressed his apologies to the fans for taking a long time before coming to Singapore again, and conveyed his thanks to those who came.

Following the intermission, the band performed more iconic songs from their past albums, including a remix of songs from their first album. They even changed up some of their songs such as ‘Thunder’, giving it jazzy and mellow vibes. It showed that the band is versatile, being good at many genres.

Hongki then reminded the fans that this is FTISLAND’s 10th year, and thanked the fans for sticking by. The fire and passion in their hearts did not die as they continued to perform many fan favorite songs throughout the concert.

The quintet ends the show with their song, ‘We Are’. As they were performing with their hearts, Hongki whipped out his phone and insta-videoed the concert live, to the excitement of many fans worldwide. They then said their goodbyes, and promised to come back to Singapore in the future!

The Seoul Story would like to thank Red Spade for allowing us media coverage for this event! Check out more HQ photos from us at our Facebook Page! 🙂



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