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“[SINGAPORE] Celebrate SG50 Countdown Show with Big Bang”


Celebrate SG50 had promised a dazzling line-up of performers, bringing together Singaporeans from every part of the island to gather at The Float @ Marina Bay on the 31st of December, ushering in the New Year with a highly anticipated concert by K-pop powerhouse Big Bang. The buzz of excitement thrumming in the air was palpable as the five boys appeared onstage after the long-awaited countdown to 2015.

Welcoming the New Year with All-Time Favourites


Big Bang kicked off their segment with “Fantastic Baby”, getting the crowd all pumped up and on their feet. The element of rock infused in the song had everyone jumping and bobbing their heads along to the music. It only proved that “Fantastic Baby” would never fail to be a crowd pleaser, no matter how many times it has, and will be, performed by the band.

The members then continued to wow the crowd with “Tonight”, before serenading the fans with an acoustic rendition of “Haru Haru”. ”Bad Boy” and “Gara Gara Go” were among the other songs performed before the lights went out for a short intermission.


Good Boys Take the Stage


The break ended with G-Dragon and Taeyang performing their Billboard chart-topper, “Good Boy”. Everyone went wild during the chorus, as both artistes swiveled their hips to the beat of their hit song. There was no doubt that the song deserves the recognition it’s been getting, judging from the enthusiasm from the spectators as they sang along. G-Dragon gave Taeyang a mischievous pat on the butt near the end, whipping the crowd up into a frenzy of excitement.

The rest of the Big Bang members then came back up onstage before they continued with “Hands Up” and “Feeling”.

Big Bang’s Plans for 2015?

They chatted with the crowd for a few minutes afterwards, introducing themselves and talking about their hopes for 2015. The boys congratulated Singapore upon reaching her 50th year of independence, expressing their honour at being able to perform their first concert here.


“I think I need to come back soon,” Taeyang said, to which the fans cheer happily as he continued to explain that he was going to have his first solo concert [2015 TAEYANG WORLD TOUR ‘RISE’ IN SINGAPORE] on the 8th of February at Singapore Expo.

G-Dragon proceeded to tease the fans with the possibility of a new album and world tour, before mumbling out an ambiguous “Whatever!” which left the crowd a little dumbfounded.

Shortly after, the boys performed “Lies” and “Last Farewell” before they bade everyone goodbye. Taeyang was the last Big Bang member to leave the stage, with a cute imitation of Michael Jackson’s signature moves.

The Seoul Story would like to thank MediaCorp TV for the opportunity to cover this event!

Written by: Aqilah


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