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“[PHILIPPINES] Falling In Love With Park Hyung Sik At Manila Press Conference”

With his handsome looks and excellent acting skills, Park Hyung Sik has become one of the top trending actors of this generation from his latest projects ‘Hwarang’ as he played the role of a king, and ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ where you can watch him act as a young heir and CEO of a gaming company.


Prior to his fan-meeting, we got to know a bit more about the actor during the short but intimate press conference held at the Marco Polo Hotel on 10th November 2017.


Dressed in a bright orange sweater, Park Hyung Sik lighted the room with his looks of adoration as soon as he entered. He began expressing his happiness upon finding out that he was set to come back to the Philippines for a solo fan-meeting as the country had left a deep and positive impression on him when he visited in 2014 to film a Korean reality show ‘Real Men’.


On acting versatility, Hyung Sik mentioned his roles from Hwarang and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon were a lot more powerful than his real life personality, therefore he chose Yoo Chang Soo from ‘High Society’ as the character he relates to the most out of all he has played. He has a growing interest on fantasy movies and is currently keen on taking up a role of a vampire or a wolf man in the future given the opportunity. Curious to what his current favourite movies are? He answered with ‘The Avengers’ and ‘Twilight’ as his top two!


When asked to describe how a ‘perfect day for Park Hyung Sik’ would be, he answered a day where he can just play, eat, and sleep without having to think of anything would be the best. He also shared that when he feels stressed, he usually play games or scuba dives when he has time. He then promised to come back to the Philippines to visit the different diving spots as he heard that beaches in the country are really astounding! 😀


Wrapping up the press conference, with the popularity of his recent works, the actor undeniably had a fruitful year this 2017. He hopes that fans would continue supporting him and would look forward to his planned projects and activities next year starting with ‘Suits’ as he will be playing the role of Go Yeon Woo in the drama. He then ended off with an adorable ‘thank you~’ to everyone who attended.


We would like to thank PULP LIVE WORLD for allowing us to be a part of the press conference! 🙂 For more HQ photos, check out our Facebook page!


Photo Credit: Claud
Written by: Jackie



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