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“[PHILIPPINES] A Night Of Unforgettable Memories With Park Hyung Sik In Manila”

Park Hyung Sik is certainly one of the rising Korean actors in 2017 whom we have grown fond of from his roles in various dramas and through his wonderful voice from various OSTs. We were lucky enough to witness his enthusiastic and playful side last November 11th at the 2017 Park Hyung Sik First Love in Manila Fanmeeting at the Kia Theatre.


The screaming crowd were in awe as Hyung Sik began the show with his honey vocals by performing his OSTs. After which, the emcee continued the show with adorable stories and memories shared from his childhood with cute explanations as various photos started flashing on the screen.


Hyung Sik mentioned that he was never really a rebellious kid growing up. He said that he was raised to be a good boy and went on to joke about how being a naughty son was his older brother’s role in the family, not his. Curious about what this trending actor wanted to be when he was younger? He answered that he dreamt of becoming a lawyer before, only because he knew nothing about how hard it is. But now, he has found his real passion in life which is singing and acting!


Hyung Sik grew excited and more enthusiastic sharing his childhood memories in which he mentioned his closest grade school buddies are still some of his closest friends now. They still do hang out together often by going out for drinks or trips. We absolutely love us a man that can keep friendships! 😀


The fan-meeting continued with more fun and games as he tried a few Filipino things! He looked dashing as he put on a blue Barong Tagalog (an embroidered formal shirt that is considered as the National clothing for men in the Philippines) before tasting a few local dishes starting with ‘Sisig’ (a Filipino dish traditionally made of chopped pork and liver), followed by ‘Sago’t Gulaman’, ‘Guyabano’ (soursop), and Kamias which he had an adorable reaction to after his bite since the fruit is extremely sour. He also had the chance to play the Tirador (slingshot) where he managed to fling five signed balls to some lucky fans!


Hyung Sik also showcased his Tagalog skills by learning a few phrases such as ‘Para sa tabi lang’ (said when you want to get off a public transportation vehicle) , ‘Nakakaloka! Ang init!’ (Gosh! It’s so hot!), ‘Ang pogi ko, di ba?’ (I’m so handsome, right?’), ‘Pwede ba kitang ligawan?’ (Can I start liking you?/Can I court you?), and the crowd favorite ‘Mamahalin kita maging sino ka man’ (I will love you whoever you are).


The fan-meeting then continued with ‘acting game’ where lucky fans got to act selected scenes from ‘Hwarang’ and ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ with the man himself. The contestants really made an effort to memorize the Korean lines they were going to say while trying to contain their emotions as they stared at the actor’s eyes and held his hands. We were amazed by all the six participants as it was not an easy task to do but the contestant that stood out the most was a girl who even brought a personalized costume that Hyung Sik wore while they acted out a scene from Hwarang! 🙂


Hyung Sik then shared he enjoys gaming, scuba diving, and fishing which he would spend his free time doing. He is contented with his current career but he mentioned that he would definitely be a pro-gamer, a scuba diver, or a fisherman if he didn’t become a part of the entertainment industry. He then again mentioned that he will surely be back soon for a trip as he is really eager to try the different diving spots in the Philippines.


As the fan-meet made its way to an end, Hyung Sik was gifted with two touching videos presented by his Filipino fans to express their adoration and at the same time, celebrate his upcoming birthday. He was shocked and speechless as he ran out of words to say, thanking everyone for their precious surprise.


The night of fun and excitement soon ended after the actor read out a hand written letter to fans that expressed his sincerest happiness upon the warm welcome the country has given to him. He didn’t fail to make a promise to return and meet them again!


No amount of words can describe all the things that happened during the fan-meeting. It was a spectacular night with Park Hyung Sik as hearts were filled with an infinite amount of pure and lasting memories for fans during that magical night.


We would like to thank PULP LIVE WORLD for allowing us to be part of the special event! 🙂

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Photo Credit: Sai
Written by: Jackie



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