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“[INDONESIA] A Happy Evening Spent with Park Bogum in Jakarta!”

Proving his popularity as a rising Hallyu Star, actor Park Bo Gum continues to hold more fan-meetings in the region. This time, he visited Indonesia to greet his fans through his first ever fan-meeting in the country. The event was held on January 13th, 2017, located at The Kasablanka Hall, Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta.

‘Oh Happy Day’ was chosen by Park Bo Gum himself as the theme of his fan-meet tour. The reason behind it is because he feels happy for being able to meet his fans from various countries. Besides that, he wishes that the fans will feel the same happiness as he does while they spend their time together during the fan-meeting.

Meet the Happy Bo Gum

The actor appeared on stage looking dazzling in red that evening. As soon as he appeared, he happily greeted the fans with “Apa Kabar? Nama saya Park Bogum.” (How Are You? My Name is Park Bo Gum.)

Just like what he said at the press conference, he was very happy to be able to hold a fan-meeting in Jakarta, despite never having any official activity in Indonesia before. The warm welcome from Indonesian fans did not fail to touch him, making the actor looking all gleeful during the fan-meeting.

The actor did not forget to interact with the audience by attempting to speak Indonesian. He introduced himself by saying, “Halo, nama saya Bo Gum, senang bertemu dengan Anda. Terima kasih.” (Hello, my name is Bo Gum, nice to meet you. Thank You). With that, the fan-meeting officially started with joyful cheers from the attending fans.


All About Park Bo Gum

The first chapter of the fan-meeting started with Q&A segment. In this segment, Park Bo Gum answered various questions from the fans.

As he responded to the questions, Park Bo Gum said that 2016 was a year he felt very grateful of, especially because of the two hit dramas, ‘Reply 1988’ and ‘Love in the Moonlight’.

The actor also revealed, even with his rising popularity, he still cannot get used of seeing himself on television. He even felt amazed when he saw the advertisement of his Coca Cola CF on bus. His amusing answer did not fail to bring laughter from the audience.

The next thing he shared with the fans was his eating habit. It is not a secret to his fans that Park Bo Gum likes to eat a lot, hence he got a nickname ‘ Bogum’. He said, he could eat anything as long as it tastes good. But, even with his love for food, he admitted that he never once goes on a diet. The secret to maintain his health is to work out, an answer that left the fans impressed.

When asked whether there is something he wants to change from himself, the actor humbly said that he doesn’t want to change his appearance as his current self is what his parents gave to him. But in case there is something that really needs to be changed, he would choose his height, as he wishes to be taller.

The Q&A segment was then proceeded with questions regarding his roles in drama and habits in personal-live.

As if the Q&A segment was not enough to know more about the actor, the attending fans were spoiled as they unveiled some exclusive photos of Park Bo Gum.

During this session, he showed some photos taken during the award shows held at the end of 2016. Upon unveiling the photos, he also shared the joy he felt from winning the male top excellence award, which also touched the fans.

Soon after that, Park Bo Gum disclosed more exclusive photos of his. The pictures he displayed this time, roused more screams from the audience, as they showed Bo Gum posing in front of some popular landmarks in Jakarta, such as ‘Monas’.

As he showcased the photos, the actor revealed that he searched up on the internet about Jakarta. He found out that Indonesia has a lot of place to treasure, therefore, he decided to take pictures at those important places in Jakarta. The actor was indeed thoughtful!

Happy Time with The Fans

It is time to get closer and intimate with the fans!

During this segment, Bo Gum chose five lucky fans through a lucky draw. Those fans got to join him on stage to re-enact the romantic scenes from ‘Reply’ and ‘Moonlight’! Loud screams could be heard from the audience each time a fan was asked to come up to the stage.

As promised, Park Bo Gum also showcased his singing skills during the fan-meeting. He closed the first session of the fan-meeting by singing ‘Don’t Worry’. He started the second session of fan-meeting after changing his clothes. Now clad in simple white shirt, the actor opened the second session of by singing ‘첫사랑’ as he walked through all sections to see the fans closer!

During the second session, fans could finally witness the Bogum in real life as he tried out various Indonesian food. The first food he tasted was Nasi Goreng Kambing, and he totally enjoyed it, as he said it was delicious that he could not stop eating!

As someone who loves to eat, Park Bo Gum did not forget to share the joy of eating with the fans. The eating segment proceeded with Bo Gum making hand-made sandwiches, and lucky fans got to eat the snack made by the actor himself!

The fan-meeting then moved onto game time, where the actor was given six different challenges from fans. His first challenge was to sing without background music, which he nailed perfectly. Park Bo Gum also sang ‘Happy Birthday’ for a fan’s mom, and personally wrote a card for her!

The next challenge was to play couple jumping rope with three chosen fans. After successfully completing the challenge, the three fans were given Park Bo Gum’s personal stuff such as scarf and shirt.

More challenges were completed by the actor, and all of them managed to bring joy and excitement to both Bo Gum himself and the fans. The last challenge for him was to wear batik, traditional clothes from Indonesia, and greet the fans from all over while wearing it. Not only he completed the challenge successfully, the actor definitely looked great in the traditional clothes!


Nearing the end of the fan-meet, Park Bo Gum shared his plan for 2017 to the audience. He revealed that he would be holding more fan-meeting until March. For those who already miss his acting, don’t worry, he would also greet fans through upcoming project this year!

Park Bo Gum and fans continued sharing their happiness with each other as a video presented by fans was aired on screen, which truly became a pleasant surprise for the actor. The actor also wrote a letter and read it for the audience. As he read his letter, he told the fans that he wishes to meet Indonesian fans once again, before thanking everyone who came to the fan-meeting.

As the last gift for Indonesian Fans, the actor performed an Indonesian song entitled ‘Untukku‘ while showcasing his piano skills.

Park Bo Gum then finished the 4-hour fan-meeting by wishing for fans to get back home safely as he bid them good-bye. We hope to see you again soon! Thank you Mecima for extending us the media invite 🙂

Photo credit: Mecima & Blossom





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