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“[FOOD REVIEW] Mind-blowing 50cm Chicken Platter Awaits At NeNe Chicken”

NeNe Chicken has recently introduced a new sizzling specialty dish, ‘Hotplate Chicken’! Filled with different sections such as half chicken, Korean stew chicken and tasty curly fries, this 50cm scrumptious platter will leave your stomach longing for more!

This creation offers chicken lovers a great sense of flexibility where you get to control the amount of cheese, chicken, sauce or curly fries that enters your mouth, which will offer a satisfying foodie experience. The Hotplate Chicken comes with an assortment of succulent and piquant sauces, which are ‘Swicy’, ‘Freaking Hot’ and ‘Honey Mustard’. Each sauce has its own distinctive taste that will be a great addition when dipped into the chicken or eaten with the curly fries!

The drumsticks and chicken wings are extremely crispy, with soft tender meat that slides right across your tongue. Coupled with rolled up cheese, the chicken’s undeniable tantalising taste is a unique experience that food lovers ought to try!

The Korean stew chicken has generous portions of rice cakes (ddeokbokki) infused into it, and is slightly spicy on the tongue. With steamy cheese wrapped around the chicken, the peppery flavor is lessened, while its juiciness is being accentuated.

The crisply curly fries is highly recommended to be paired with the honey mustard, as its conjoined flavor is one of zest. While eating the fries, you can also pair it with the Korean stew and chicken wings, as its combination is just exceptional and mouthwatering!

The Hotplate Chicken dish can be found exclusively at NeNe Chicken’s NEX Outlet, so hop on there to enjoy a delectable platter of yummy-licious goodies to satisfy your rumbling tummy!

Thank you NeNe Chicken for having us! 🙂

Address: 23 Serangoon Central, #04-15/16, Singapore 556083
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