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“[FOOD REVIEW] Beat the Singapore heat with cool treats from Korean franchise ‘Sweet Monster’!”


A relatively new name in Singapore’s thriving Korean dessert scene, soft serve ice-cream chain Sweet Monster has been steadily attracting the attention of the public ever since their grand opening at Plaza Singapura last year. Having established themselves in Korea and various Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Hong Kong and China, Sweet Monster brings forth a refreshing and dynamic dessert experience for those with a sweet tooth. Although the Plaza Singapura outlet is a standalone booth restricted to takeaway services, the Bugis Junction outlet and newly opened store at Velocity@Novena Square are cosy corners that allow the bright sunlight to stream in during the day.

The colourful visuals, inimitable flavours, and charming mascots sealed the deal for us. Our visit to the newest Velocity@Novena Square started off on a delightful note as we were greeted by framed images of the cuddly and lovable characters adorning the walls of the stores. We also couldn’t resist having a laugh at the witty tagline ‘Life is hard, eat soft’! How relatable 😉


Sweet Monster’s pride lies in their very own original creation – the Original Mix Popcorn Monster. No words were needed to explain why this took up the most space on the store’s menu. The mouthwatering treat consisted of an unusual mix – caramel and cheese popcorn coupled with a generous portion of aromatic, milky soft serve.


For those who might prefer a peanut butter flavour over the milky taste of the soft serve base, go for the Peanut Butter Pretzel! Topped with a single caramelised pretzel biscuit, the tower of peanut butter sauce covered ice cream was not only delicately and appropriately sized but also generously full of toppings. We particularly loved how the nuts provided a satisfying crunch to go with the silky-smooth ice cream.


Those who love their Italian desserts can opt for Sweet Monster’s version of Tiramisu. Sprinkled with cacao powder, this brand-new addition to the menu is  just right for those who love a dessert with a punch. As we approached the core of the mound of soft serve, we were delightfully surprised to taste a mix of mascarpone and espresso sauce together with an abundance of biscuit crumbs.


Those of you who love a good secret menu item, heads up – this next dessert is so new, it has yet to be featured on Sweet Monster’s advertised list of treats! We had the opportunity to taste the newest waffle creation at Sweet Monster, comprised of original waffles paired with bananas, cookie crumbs and Nutella. To customise your dessert, pick a waffle flavor, 2 toppings, and a sauce from a variety of choices with signature soft serve to top it off. Priced at just $9.90, we must say that this was definitely worth the price.


Cool off from Singapore’s humid weather with a cup of Sweet Monster’s Lemonade! In a unique blue shade and carbonated, this beverage brought an extra zing with its refreshing sweet-and-sour flavour. For the ultimate treat, order the alternative version of this beverage that comes with a dollop of tasty soft serve. We also recommend the fruity Strawberry Cake Milkshake for those who prefer a thicker beverage.


Sweet Monster Singapore is running an exclusive contest where 1 winner will take home the prize of free ice-cream for an entire year! For more information on how to participate, head over to for more details. Don’t forget to keep an eye on Sweet Monster’s social media pages for the latest updates on promotions and new menu items!


  • Plaza Singapura # B2-49
  • Bugis Junction # M01-K1
  • Velocity@Novena Square # 01-61



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