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“[UPCOMING EVENT] Indonesian Television Awards 2017 ft. SHINee Minho”

Supporting more local talent and creativity for the media industry, ‘Indonesian Television Awards’ is happening for the second time on September 20, 2017 after much success last year. This year, the show will have thirteen award categories to give honour to the various television programs as well as to the people who have worked equally hard behind the scenes. Indonesian Television Awards has teamed up with Roy Morgan Research and Provetic to ensure fair accumulation of data in ensuring perfection for the event.

The voting for each category has commenced since August 18, 2017 and will end September 17, 2017 and the winners will be announced later on the big day. Indonesian Television Awards grand night will be broadcasted LIVE by its official broadcasting partners, RCTI and MNCTV. The show hopes to attract a wide-range of audience during the live show to increase the country’s appreciation of their own local works.

Last year we saw Descendant of the Sun’s Jin Goo during the award show and this year Korea’s shining idol, SHINee Minho will be there as a special guest! Minho has played different roles in various dramas such as ‘Pianist’, ‘Salamander Guru and the Gang’, ‘To the Beautiful You’, ‘Medical Top Team’, ‘Hwarang’, and the most recent ‘Somehow 18′, snatching hearts of K-drama fans. We’re looking forward to see his flaming charisma at the award show!

Stay tuned for more updated details of this event with The Seoul Story! 🙂



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