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Korean fashion leaders are coming to Bandung, Indonesia on December 2016 for GKL – Young Creator Indonesia 2016 Global Fashion Mentorship event!

Brought by Korea Foundation for International Culture Exhange (KOFICE), Young Creator Indonesia Fashion Institute (YCIFI), and ITB’s Faculty of Art and Design, GKL – Young Creator Indonesia 2016 is a series of events held to encourage mutual growth of Korea and Indonesia by establishing fashion institute and cultural experience space, supporting the youth and fostering entrepreneurship through vocational training courses, as well nurturing professionals in Indonesian fashion industries through advanced education course and fashion business programme.

As a part of GKL – Young Creator Indonesia 2016, Global Fashion mentorship is bringing Korean and Indonesian fashion experts as Global Fashion mentors appointed by Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism & Indonesia BEKFRAF.

With intensive mentoring program from the leading and experienced people in Korea’s and Indonesia’s fashion industry, the event will bring out the best of you who are highly passionate about fashion. Gain insights of how to start your own fashion business, learn to create your own unique fashion style, and find out the ways to keep up with the latest fashion trends.




The list of 6 Korean mentors and 7 Indonesian mentors is as follows:

Korean Mentors:

Hyejin Hong (Designer for The Studio K)


Munsoo Kwon (founder and designer of Munsoo Kwon brand)

Youkyoung Choi (Director of W Magazine)


Hyojin Jun (Vice Director of LEON Magazine)

Nami Youn (Lotte Fashion General MD)

Ayoung Joe (WIZWID Woman’s category MD)


Indonesian Mentors:

DR.Dian Widiawati (Professor of ITB’s Faculty of Art and Design)
Dr.Ratna Panggabean  (Professor of ITB’s Faculty of Art and Design)
Dr. Yan Yan Sunarya (Professor of ITB’s Faculty of Art and Design)
Toto Dwitarwasto (Fashion Marketing Merchandising Professor at ESMOD)
Deden Siswanto (Fashion Designer)
Auguste Soesastro (Principle Designer of Kraton)
Ai Syarief (Creative Director of Femina)

In addition to the mentoring section, a batik workshop will also be held. You can also join a free tour around fashion areas in Bandung and enjoy a fashion show from the collaboration of Korea production team and Indonesia model team. With a series of exciting agendas, GKL – Young Creator Indonesia 2016 Global Fashion Mentorship is an event which cannot be missed by those who are highly interested in fashion industry!

GKL-Young Creator Indonesia 2016 Global Fashion Mentorship will be held on December 1 – 5 at Fashion Institute YCIFI and K-Lounge, ITB, Bandung, Indonesia.

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