“[#TSSTRAVEL] What to Expect When Visiting Entertainment Agencies in Gangnam, Seoul?”

(Part 2 of a series of introductions to the vicinity of Cheongdam in Gangnam, Seoul, the famed Korean entertainment companies in that area and the favourite haunts of your beloved K-pop idols. Read Part 1 here.)

Frequently dubbed as the ChampsElysées of Asia, Cheongdam-dong is famed for its reputation as an exclusive neighbourhood in Seoul where celebrities often come out to play. Cheongdam Guesthouse provides guests with the opportunity to experience life in the swanky district as well as the potential to rub shoulders with your favourite Korean celebrities!

JYP Entertainment

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A stone’s throw away from Cheongdam Guesthouse is JYP Entertainment, home to some of K-pop’s biggest names 2PM, Wonder Girls, miss A as well as rising stars GOT7, TWICE, and many more! The giant white ‘JYP’ letters above the building entrace is hard to miss, and the windows are decorated with the latest album covers from every active artiste in the agency! The building is always busy, with the many JYPE artistes coming in and out to their schedules daily. Sometimes even *whispers* JYP (Park Jin-young), the head honcho himself, can be spotted too!


Cube Cafe


CUBE Entertainment is another major Korean entertainment company, with a roster of artistes including BEAST, 4MINUTE, BTOB and more. The agency runs and operates CUBE Cafe, a special hangout connected to the main building for fans of CUBE artistes. While fans cannot enter the agency building, they can stop by the cafe for a drink or snack and do a bit of idol-spotting! That is definitely way better than waiting outside in the cold (or heat, depending on which season you visit Korea) – a win-win for both fans and the agency!


Rain Company


Down the road from JYPE and Cheongdam Guesthouse is Rain Company, a newly-established one-man agency by none other than Rain himself. The building was once a cafe owned by Rain and underwent renovation to become an entertainment company with a stylish glass facade. Rain Company looks empty most days, but you can certainly tell if someone has dropped by because a big, fluffy white dog will be sitting outside!


SM Entertainment


If you walk down the street parallel to Cheongdam Guesthouse, you will arrive right at the SM Entertainment building! SM Entertainment is arguably one of the biggest and most renowned entertainment agencies in South Korea. Their impressive lineup of artistes include K-pop powerhouses TVXQ, Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, EXO, SHINee, f(x) and more! The main agency building and the entrance to the car park are on opposite sides of the road, so fans usually choose to wait at the entrance or the park opposite the building to catch a glimpse of their favourite idols.


FNC Entertainment


The next street down, you can easily spot the spanking new building with modern white architecture belonging to FNC Entertainment! FNC’s stable of stars include FT Island, CNBLUE, AOA and more. The company stands out from the surroundings with its giant gate and mammoth poster of the currently promoting act on the walls.

Fans usually wait opposite the main gate at the car park across or the car park behind the building. If you get hungry while waiting, simply pop by the GS25 convenience store nearby for a quick bite. Also, word on the street is that there’s a cafe nearby called COFFEED as well, where FNC artistes have been sighted having a cuppa or two!


Stay tuned to Part 3 of this ongoing series to see where your favourite K-pop idols have been spotted at in Cheongdam, and find out how you can participate in an exclusive giveaway for a 3D2N stay at Cheongdam Guesthouse!

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