“[#TSSTRAVEL] Visit Restaurants/Cafes Frequented by GOT7, TWICE & more in Seoul, Gangnam!”

(Part 3 of a series of introductions to the vicinity of Cheongdam in Gangnam, Seoul, the famed Korean entertainment companies in that area and the favourite haunts of your beloved K-pop idols. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.)

Besides visiting famous entertainment agencies such as SM, JYP, Cube and FNC Entertainment in Cheongdam, Seoul, there are also nearby cafes and restaurants that are frequented by Korean celebrities that you might want to check out:


Right across JYP Entertainment is the famed Dunkin’ Donuts. Almost all the artistes from JYPE have visited and left their signatures on the walls of the cafe. Fans would often gather near the cafe to catch a glimpse of their idols as they can be spotted going in and out of the agency. While waiting near the cafe is permitted, taking photographs is discouraged so be sure to keep your cameras away and capture the moments with your eyes!


Just a few metres away is a restaurant called ‘Food Cafe’ where current celebrities used to go to during their training period. Sometimes, trainees from nearby agencies can also be spotted having their meals there. If you are looking for authentic Korean food, this is the perfect place for you to visit and try their piping hot ‘Kimchi Jjigae’ and other homely Korean dishes.


If you are feeling a little generous, down the road from JYPE and right next to Cube Studio is Dae Han Geuk Jang BBQ Restaurant, which is well-loved by JYPE artists even until today. The price may be a little steep but from what we’ve heard, the quality of the meat is well worth it. On the walls of this restaurant, you can see autographs left behind by many idol stars. Sometimes the owners will even direct you to seats near the signatures of your favourite celebrities! Just make sure to let them know who you like 😛


‘The Street’ is a stylist cafe and bistro owned by the members of vocal group 2PM, just down the road from JYPE and Cube Entertainment. Many celebrities have been spotted here including 2PM, GOT7 and TWICE! Besides frequent visits from idol stars and artistes, the cafe and bistro also serves up yummy Italian bites. If you’re craving for something other than Korean food, this is the cafe to check out in Cheongdam!


Down the road from Cube Cafe and the BBQ restaurant is a newly opened restaurant operated by SM Entertainment. As expected, everything is embossed with the SMT logo, and the restaurant exudes a luxurious feel. The famous SM Halloween parties have always been celebrated in this restaurant and now, you can get a feel of how your favourite artistes party in this hip new establishment!


Back to the street where Cheongdam Guesthouse is, the cozy ‘Ma Nyeo Kimbap Restaurant’ is just across the junction. This humble restaurant has served the likes of GOT7 and even boasts autographs from members JB and Youngjae. You can never go wrong with Kimbap, and this is the perfect place to visit and have some comfort food~

Cheongdam Guesthouse is the perfect place to stay in Seoul if you’re a fan of K-entertainment. Feel right at home in the vibrant K-pop community and catch a glimpse of your favourite idol stars, whether you are enjoying a warm meal or going on a leisurely stroll in the neighbourhood!

Stay tuned to our next post and find out how you can win a delightful 3D2N stay with Cheongdam Guesthouse 🙂

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