“THESEOULSTORY X NUEST: What have the boys been up to?”

A while back, The Seoul Story had the chance to talk with the boys from NU’EST about their music, life, and upcomings. Enjoy the interview as a Christmas present from The Seoul Story!


The Seoul Story [TSS]: Besides practicing, what do the members do in their free time?
Baekho: Myself and Aron like listening to music so we listen to music and share good songs together. Minhyun likes to watch other artists stages so he’s always watching Youtube. JR always plays games and watch funny videos alone haha 😀

TSS: What are you listening to lately?
JR: I’m recently into a Korean hip-hop competition program ‘Show Me The Money’ so I’m listening to the songs from that program. Especially Bobby or Iron’s songs.

TSS: Which member would you pick to do a subunit with and what style of music would it be?
JR: Since Aron and I started to rap making, I think it would be fun to make a subunit by JRON. Also, recently Baekho is studying about composing so it might be interesting for us to collaborate with Baekho’s song as well.

TSS: What was the most embarrassing moment of your life thus far during promotion period?
Baekho: At the Japan tour on August, I made one mistake which was a little bit embarrassing. When I was singing ‘Good Bye Bye’ at Tokyo stage, I dropped my hand mic and it made a big sound so everyone noticed that I dropped something on stage. I was worried because our members can get hurt when they step on it and fall. So I made a mistake dancing as well. It was a bit embarrassing but I picked up my mic fast as I could and nobody got hurt so that was a relief haha.

TSS: Does NU’EST have any plans to collaborate musically with any other groups/musicians?
JR: We don’t have any specific plan about the collaboration but because I’m a huge fan of Korean rapper Dok2, I would be honored to work with him.

TSS: What type of concept do you want to have for your next album?
Ren: We don’t have a detailed idea about the concept but I would like to do a music that can be loved even after many years passes.

TSS: Do you have any wishes that you hope would come true? Minhyun: Personally, I want to challenge to become an actor. I recently got to know how fun acting is through the sitcom I was on this year. It’s a different genre from singing so I’m not yet comfortable acting but I’m learning and practicing so I can start my career as an actor in the future.

TSS: Which variety show would the members like to guest on/host?
Everybody: We would like to be on any variety show if we can! We are very much prepared for anything so just call us! (:
Minhyun: I currently was on KBS Dream Team. All the members were really jealous haha

TSS: Any plans for the revival of L.O.Λ.E STORY?
JR: As you guys might already know, we did start our L.O.Λ.E STORY Season 5! We would love to communicate more with our fans and hope you guys enjoy the show!



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