“THESEOULSTORY X NUEST: Listen to our songs!”

NU’EST recommends their favourite songs from their album Re:Birth for you to listen to!


JR: I recommend ‘Big Deal’! I think ‘Big Deal’ is a song that is similar to ‘FACE’ and ‘Action’ so you can feel the strong side of NU’EST. However, it’s an upgraded version of ‘FACE’, ‘Action’ with the Orchestra sound, so you might feel watching an opera.

Minhyun: I recommend our title song ‘Good Bye Bye’! It’s a sentimental song with our member’s matured vocals since we all turned adults this year.

Baekho: I recommend ‘CLIMAX’! It’s a bright song with lyrics about our goal to fly higher than now. We hope you can dream of bright future together when you listen to this song.

Aron: I recommend ‘Give Me A Shoulder’! It’s a song me and JR worked on rap making and also it’s the song that we collaborated with our favorite artist Kye Bum Zu! I recommend this song especially because my rap lyric is kind of a love letter to my fans so listen carefully to the lyrics! (:

Ren: I recommend our bonus track ‘Hey, Love’! It’s a song dedicating to our fans who kept loving us and supporting us for 3 years. We hope that this song can return our fans love back. I personally love this song too.


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