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“[SINGAPORE] Surprise Surprise! Jay Park Joins Judging Panel for Asia’s Got Talent”

It looks like anticipation is running high as fans await the second season of Asia’s Got Talent on AXN. This time, however, a new judge was added into the mix, as revealed last Friday at the Art Science Museum in Singapore. It was said that there would be a new judge on the show, but no one had any clue as to the person joining the likes of Anggun and David Foster; both of whom are amazingly talented and world-renowned artistes.


A dash of humour never gets old
Before the judges were revealed, the two new hosts, Justin Bratton and Alex Wong, were introduced to the audience. Both men displayed their brilliant “talents” at beat boxing and ball tricks, eliciting laughter from the audience.

Performances by the beautiful Tabitha Nauser and the adorable Cazaubon Sisters entertained the audience during intervals, overwhelming everyone with their singing.

The reveal was aired live on Facebook soon after, during which fans worldwide were also able to tune in to find out who the three judges were.

Lights, Camera, Action!
While the reveal of David Foster and Anggun came as no surprise, since both celebrities were the judges for last season’s show. However, next came the moment when the last judge was to be revealed. The hosts were dropping hints regarding the last judge, talking about how the man had recently signed with Jay-Z‘s label, Roc Nation.


That certainly got everyone excited!

After much anticipation, Jay Park was finally introduced to create a new line-up of judges for the next season of Asia’s Got Talent. No one had expected Jay Park to be the new judge on the show, as seen from the numerous cameras held up to capture photos of the star as he got up on the stage. With the addition of a brand new judge, more people are bound to be excited for the broadcast of the show.


Jay’s thoughts in regards to being a judge on Asia’s Got Talent?
Jay Park was looking really handsome and welcoming as he sat on his high chair during the short interview session. He admitted that he was excited to hear that he was invited to judge on Asia’s Got Talent, because it’s not just about judging singing and dancing calibers. He has judged people based on the way they rapped, danced or sang, but he has never judged other types of talents before.

As a result, he truly does not know what type of judge he will be on the show. However, he said that he does not think that he’s going to be easy, because he has pretty high standards. Therefore, he might be a tough judge, so everyone will just have to wait till the show starts!


He is of the opinion that looks play a part depending on the talents being showcased. If a person is thinking of becoming a popstar, having good looks will benefit. Looks are important when it comes to comedic acts, he thinks. He could not wait to see magicians, comedians and beat-boxers and is anticipating acts which he didn’t know exist.

In terms of talents such as singing, rapping and dancing, Jay felt that the gap between the American market and the Asian market has certainly closed, and that the playing field has leveled. While a global talent is crucial for survival in the entertainment industry, a good balance is important. Incorporating culture into a certain talent can also make for a global talent which can be widely received by people internationally.

Do look forward to seeing Jay, Anggun and David in the upcoming season of Asia’s Got Talent on AXN! Thank you to Sony for the invite!

Photo credits: Sony



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