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“[SINGAPORE] VIXX Brings A Day Of Fantasy To Starlights”

The boys of VIXX made a visit to Singapore for the local stop of their ‘Shangri-La’ concert on December 2nd, and they once again proved they’ve got it all – Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis.


Press Conference
The 6-member group comprising N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk visited Gain City Megastore for an open press conference before their concert. Starlights began queuing as early as 1am in the wee hours of the morning to secure a good spot just to catch a glimpse of their favourite boy group.


Leader N explained that as the group arrived in Singapore a few days earlier, they had the opportunity to explore local tourist attractions such as The Merlion and Marina Bay. Of course, idols who visit Singapore do not miss out on the chance to try Chilli Crab, but the boys even tried a dessert unique to Singapore – Mango Ice KachangKen even added on to say that he purchased three bottles of Kaya Jam(s)! We are really glad that VIXX will be bringing a taste of Singapore back to Korea with them!


The boys were requested to use one word to describe themselves of which Ravi used the word passion, as he believes it is what keeps him going. Leo was tongue-tied for a moment as he had to pass his turn for the rest of the members to answer first, before coming up with his answer – age, meaning he has matured and seasoned as he aged. Hongbin described himself as fun, and the sweet leader N said ‘Starlight’, as their fans are his all. Ken, whom the rest of the members harmoniously agreed to be the prankster and the mischievous lot of the group, described himself as a chameleon, as he is adaptable and versatile. Hyuk had to use two words, young and youth; proving he definitely is the maknae of the group!


Despite the sweltering heat, VIXX continued to charm and tease fans regarding the show later that night, and promised another amazing event to remember as they have prepared not only performances, but also special talks to interact with their fans.


Fast forward to six hours later, Starlights got the chance to catch VIXX doing what they do best as a group – performing their hit songs on stage!


Starting with ‘Fantasy’, VIXX prepared a range of performances from ballads like ‘Us Now‘, to their 2015 hit song ‘Chained Up’, and also their latest oriental hit – ‘Shangri-La’. Fan chants were loud and heated as Starlights were mesmerised by VIXX.


The boy group even prepared talking sessions during the concert to connect more with their fans. As they have been busy with individual schedules for a while, the boys sincerely expressed their gratitude to Starlights for always supporting them. They promised that although they may not be together all the time, they will always be one in spirit and thinking of Starlights!


Lastly, VIXX answered questions specially posted by the fans! Hongbin explained the contact name saved for Ravi (real friend ‘Wonshik’), while Hyuk danced to SunmisGashina’, Leo danced sexy moves, and finally Ken and Ravi to Red Velvet’sRed Flavour’. Hongbin was also asked if he had forgotten his SNS password in which he denied by cutely promising to post a selfie thanking Singapore Starlights. N was requested to back-hug each member and say sweet things to them which earned a jokingly ‘disgusted’ look from the rest of VIXX as it was something unusual they have gotten from the leader.


The boys were adorable as themselves while they were not performing, and it was good to see them having such a great time with their fans! VIXX promised to come back to Singapore once again, and with a thankful heart, made their final bow on stage. A special thank you to Gain City for hosting the press conference and also IME SG for making it all a reality for Singapore Starlights! 🙂 For more HQ photos, check out our Facebook page!



Photo Credit: Afiqah
Written by: Amber



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