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“[SINGAPORE] TWICE Princesses ‘Cheer Up’ Fans During TWICELAND”

Ain’t no easy, don’t think about it! Indeed, one does not have to think twice before attending the incredible girl group’s concert that is not only filled with spectacular dancing, but several iconic hit songs. ‘TWICELAND’ – The Opening finally reached Singapore shores on the 29th April 2016, and the girls definitely put up a captivating concert and impressed the crowd.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ‘Touchdown’! That was TWICE’s first song of the concert, and the crowd cheered for the nine beautiful ladies that made an elegant entrance on stage, causing ONCEs to go into frenzy. They wore white baby doll dresses, which accentuated their adorable looks and sharp dance moves.

‘Like OOH-AAH’ and ‘Cheer Up’ played shortly after, and the fan chants were remarkably loud and resounding! With deep, husky yells and soprano screams, it’s no wonder TWICE is popular with both genders. The candy bongs were blinking magnificently, as the light of rainbows shined like never before.

Switching to a fiercer concept, TWICE showed off their versatility when the group broke into units and performed songs such as Madonna’s ‘4 Minutes’. Bringing back the memories from “JYP Sixteen”, Nayeon shared that ‘Do It Again’ is extremely significant to them, as they wouldn’t be on stage performing if it weren’t for the song.

Not only can the girl group pull off a girl-crush concept, TWICE showed off a powerful image while performing EXO’s ‘Overdose’ and Seventeen’s ‘Pretty U’, which caused the crowd to rupture with outstanding applause.

Not forgetting ‘TT’ and ‘Knock Knock’, the girls returned on stage wearing plaid outfits, overwhelming the crowd with their energy. Although it was said to be the last song of the night, TWICE returned onto stage to perform ‘One in a Million’ which they dedicated to their supportive ONCEs.

Many of the members expressed their elation of coming to Singapore for the very first time. Tzuyu communicated with the fans in Mandarin, and was impressed with the cleanliness and greenery of the country. She also taught Jihyo to convey “I love you, ONCE” in Mandarin, which made the crowd erupt in exhilaration.

“I think that there might be miscommunication between us as there is a language barrier. However, we will work harder in the future to learn more languages,” Mina humbly uttered.

As the concert came to a close and the girls took a photo with the crowd, they were especially surprised when a fan made video gifted from Singaporean ONCEs started playing. It was the perfect wrap to the whole concert, leaving both the girls and the crowd feeling bitter sweet.

We would like to extend our thanks to One Production for an invite to the event! 🙂

Photo Credit: ONE Production



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