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“[SINGAPORE] Top 3 Reasons Why SF9 Is The Next Rising Star”

The boys of SF9 were in town last weekend where they held their first ever fan-meeting “Be My Fantasy” at Marina Bay Sands. SF9 consisting of nine members Youngbin, Inseong, Jaeyoon, Dawon, Zuho, Rowoon, Taeyang, Hwiyoung & Chani has proven to be a promising group showcasing their strengths through songs of various genres, barely a year since their debut. They certainly have caught our attention and here is why we think SF9 is one of the rising K-pop acts to look out for!

Everyone was in awe of the fact that the boys made the conscious effort to try to speak English to communicate with the fans despite a translator on standby. There were instances where members such as Inseong replied in English when they were being interviewed by the emcee.

It was also noticeable that they were unafraid to joke around with fans that night and were truly there to enjoy their time with Singapore FANTASYs. Leader Youngbin also commented that it was his first time being in Singapore and cheekily mentioned there were so many pretty girls. The boys even tried to pick up some Singlish lingo such as using the word chiobu, which means “pretty” on their fans. They also showed off individual talents where Jaeyoon did a sexy wave sending fans into a screaming frenzy and Zuho serenaded them with his deep sexy voice. SF9 flaunted their charms throughout the entire fan-meeting leaving a deep impression of just how appreciative they are of FANTASYs.

SF9 lived up to the expectations as FNC’s first dance boyband where they have proven that their dance skills and movements are top notch. Fans were cheering wildly whenever each song was performed by the boys during the fan-meeting.

K.O” was the song that was certainly eye-catching where the beginning of the song had a chain-like choreography which involved intricate teamwork and practice to make it flawless. SF9 definitely stood out from other new boybands through this song with its unique dance introduction. They also had slick movements in songs such as “Jungle Game” and “Watch Out” which were very synchronised and heart-pumping at the same time. With such addictive beats and unique footwork for each song, one can look forward to SF9 coming back with even better performances in the future.


Apart from their unique dance choreography which they are well-known for, SF9’s songs have always had a distinct style since their debut where it is often very catchy and addictive. Over time, they were brave enough to venture out onto different styles to bring something new to their performances leaving us curious to what more they can offer in the future.

A progression is also noticeable from their debut album “Feeling Sensation” till their recent comeback “Breaking Sensation” with steady growth on the Gaon Charts, iTunes K-pop Charts as well as Billboard World Albums Chart rankings. SF9 also proved their burning popularity in Japan as they officially made their debut in June with great success.


It was definitely an incredible night of quality performances from SF9 but even the good things must come to an end. We look forward to their next visit to Singapore and new releases in the future! The Seoul Story would like to extend our huge thank you to IME Singapore & Three Angles Production for the media invitation.

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  • Komal koteshwar on July 7, 2017

    Woooowwww….our boys makes us so proud for stanning the kings😍😍😍
    Always gonna stay loyal with these boys…💓
    Always will be their Fantasy ❤💕💞
    Thank you for appreciating them so much…they really are talented and charming 😇😇😇 Thank you so much really 😄😄😄


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