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“[SINGAPORE] Top 3 Reasons Why Gugudan Is Worth The Love”

Donned in lovely matching outfits, the girls left a striking first impression that left the fans amazed. Consisting of nine members, gugudan performed in Singapore for the very first time with their live show! Although it has been a little over a year since the group has debuted, there are several reasons why we believe in Gugudan’s growth and potential to becoming rising artists in the K-pop industry.


These girls have it all! From dancing, singing to even special talents, gugudan will never cease to amaze us. Firstly, all nine of them are extremely proficient performers; their dances are always in synced, their live vocals are melodious, and their facial expressions on stage are to be praised for.

From “Wonderland” to “A Girl Like Me”, the girls have managed to charm their way into our hearts, and we expect them to continue improving and emerging as top artists in the future. During the live show, the girls also performed their own rendition of Manhattan Transfer’s “Ray’s Rockhouse” — which is incredibly tedious to pull off. As all nine of them took part in the acapella cover; be it harmonising or singing the melody, they did it justice and the performance was worth the hype.

Nayoung, the lead vocalist of the group, commented, “What I like about the group is that we are all well-rounded artists, and I believe in that.” We can’t help but to root for these girls!


With all that pompous talent, it’s enough reason for us to love gugudan. However, these girls have brought more to the table — their charming personalities! The girls are oozing with glamour, and are also creative artists.

During the live show, the stars were challenged to reform shirts, flip bottles, and a game of telepathy. During all these activities, the girls were spontaneously taking part in them, and their effort and energy were remarkable. This gave their fans — their “Dear Friend’s” a memorable time.

Recently, the maknaes of the group, Hyeyeon and Mina, had debuted as a sub-unit named OGUOGU with their first song “ICE CHU”. The two girls performed the song at the Singapore show, and the older members were giving their cheers and applause to them. It was heart warming to see how much they supported Hyeyeon and Mina, and we had the chance to witness the gugudan version of ‘ICE CHU’! Needless to say, it was the cutest thing we had ever seen.



If you’ve seen the girls of gugudan, they are the absolute definition of CUTE. They are so lovable in nature, and their visuals are astounding. We believe that everyone in the group is good at ‘aegyo’, especially Mina, the main dancer of the group. Hana and Hae Bin tried to charm Se Jeong with their version of  “Oppa Yah”, and we give it a score of 101 out of 100.

With that much cuteness bottled in these girls, we can’t seem to keep our eyes off them as they performed ‘Good Boy’, ‘One Step Closer’ and ‘Diary’. They are our absolute girl crushes and we are wowed by their stunning visuals!

There are definitely more reasons to love gugudan, and we are ready to explore their endless charms and talents. We would continue to support them, and hope for them to continuously bloom and astonish people who cross paths with them.

We would like to extend our thanks to MyMusicTaste for allowing us media coverage for this event! 🙂



Photo Credit: Sherlyn
Written by: Crystal



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