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“[SINGAPORE] The Painters: HERO – Comedy, dance & a joyous splash of colour”


Embodying the essence of performance art, popular Korean stage show The Painters returned to Singapore with their spanking new act titled HERO. For those who are unfamiliar with the premise, this innovative troupe is known for creatively melding together various art mediums to establish a unique and comedic live drawing presentation.

To kick off the production, the cast performs various tricks as an introduction to their quirky style. The pace quickly picks up as the actors both collaborate and take turns to wow the audience with brilliant life-sized art pieces created on the spot. Materials used ranged from basic paints, glittery sand to fluorescent pigments cleverly manipulated to construct a stunning light show.

At times, the actors leave the crowd guessing before swiftly placing the pieces together to form familiar figures, drawing ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ from the fascinated audience members. The impressive likeness of popular fictional personalities such as characters from War of The Three Kingdoms as well as Disney’s The Little Mermaid were recreated, much to the delight of many. In between major segments, several lucky audience members were also chosen to go up onstage to partake in goofy activities with the actors.

Never allowing for a dull moment, the cast’s antics incited giggles and occasional peals of laughter from the crowd throughout the 80-minute performance. The amount of chemistry present when the actors interacted with each other did leave us wondering about the hours and effort that must have been invested into the production behind the scenes. Tickling our senses with the use of both visual and sound elements, The Painters: HERO did make for an entertaining production like no other.

To read our previous interview with producer Mr Kyu Jeong and the lively crew members of the show, click here. We would like to extend our gratitude to Red Spade Entertainment and Press Kit for this review opportunity 🙂



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