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“[SINGAPORE] Taeyang ‘RISE’ World Tour in Singapore”


BIG BANG’s Taeyang stopped by Singapore last Sunday for his long-awaited ‘RISE’ solo world tour concert, making it his second time performing here this year!

Taeyang, also known as Sol, put on an amazing show and effortlessly captured the audience’s attention, from the moment the concert started right up till the end. Two hours definitely seemed too short, for as the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun! It was certainly an amazing night in which the audience was truly able to connect with Taeyang through his music.

Setting the Mood Right


The audience was an impressive swaying sea of yellow lightsticks as Taeyang opened the concert on a sultry note with “Body”,one of the tracks off of his latest album. He continued to build up the atmosphere with “Superstar” and “You’re My”, before he took the crowd by surprise by saying that he was going to pick a lucky fan and serenade her onstage.

A Little Bit of Fan Service Never Hurt Anybody


The lucky fan was personally escorted by Taeyang to her seat up onstage. When Taeyang jokingly told everyone that he was going to be her boyfriend for the night, all the fans in the venue hilariously screamed “No!” in reply. Well, who wouldn’t be jealous, right?

For the next song, Taeyang informed the audience that he had a special guest, which turned out to be G-Dragon in all his 2D glory on the LCD screens!

Taeyang also held a quick giveaway event via lucky draw, gifting a pair of his signed sneakers and cap. Fans were clamoring to get their tickets out as he got ready to pick out the winning ticket stubs. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

Encore! Encore!


Towards the end of the show, the lights dimmed and Taeyang disappeared backstage. Fans then shouted in unison for an encore performance, stamping their feet against the floor in excitement. The cheers which broke out when the star appeared back on the stage were thunderous. Taeyang teased everyone by asking whether they wanted an encore, before performing one of the songs from Big Bang’s Alive album, “Bad Boy”!


As all good things must come to an end, the concert soon came to a close. Taeyang’s enthralling performance of mega-hit “Eyes, Nose, Lips” was certainly a perfect end to a spectacular night.

The Seoul Story would like to thank Flabbergast Productions for their hard
work, and for giving us the opportunity to cover the event!


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