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“[SINGAPORE] Surprise Appearance by CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin At KBS KPOP World Festival Preliminary In Singapore”

On 5th August 2017, Lee Jung Shin of rock band CNBLUE dropped by Tampines Hub for the Singapore preliminary round of the KBS KPOP World Festival in Changwon. The handsome bassist made a grand appearance, making his way to the competition area down the mall’s escalator. Intense cheering from the crowd made the atmosphere even livelier, as Jung Shin made his way to the stage to greet the audience.

Catching Up With Fans
With a charming smile enchanting fans in the mall, Jung Shin happily greeted everyone. A small meet-and-greet session was held before the start of the competition, in which representatives of Jung Shin’s Singapore fan base presented him with gifts and a bouquet of flowers. A gentleman throughout, Jung Shin handed the presents over to the staff so that he was able to take a pretty picture with his fans.

A little while later, another lucky fan was noticed and called up on the stage for a photo. Not only that, she also received an exclusive shirt and had her fan board signed by the artiste himself! After all the excitement and laughter, Jung Shin finally took his seat at the judges’ table while everyone geared up for the upcoming performances which await them.


Singaporeans Amaze Crowd With Their Brilliant Acts
The judges’ table consists of four judges; Kim Hae Ryong (Producer Director of KBS), Amos Boon (Managing Director of Launch Group), Lee Miji (Korean Dancer and Instructor) and last but not least, Lee Jung Shin. There were a total of 16 finalists in the Singapore preliminary round of KBS KPOP World Festival. A winner would be announced in each of the category, Performance and Vocal.

In the Performance category, the audience were entertained by ILL4SION, XIX, Beyond Infinity, SSENZE, FULLOUT SQUAD, DeS Crew, STARRESECONDS and H.I.M.

XIX‘s charismatic cover to MONSTA X songs blew everyone away. The change in atmosphere was startling, and it could be seen in the enthusiastic cheers from supporters on the ground. STARRESECONDS was another group which stunned the audience. Everyone couldn’t help but to be amazed by the sight of guys effortlessly doing splits. Not to mention, the entire group’s strong and intimidating stage presence drew attention from passers-by like bees to honey.

Another interesting group was H.I.M, a group made up of 6 androgynous-looking girls. They shocked the spectators when the host revealed that they weren’t an all-male group, but an all-female one instead! Regardless, their incorporation of the Korean culture into their performance was certainly unique and refreshing.

In the Vocal category, we have Tommy, Eeqa, MK, Syerin, NOON, Akif Haliq, Mersie and Qistina, who wowed the audience with their delightful voices. It amazed everyone even more to see versatile performers on the stage. In this case, we could see that vocalists who not only sang, but danced as well, were huge favourites among the crowd. Performers like Eeqa and Akif Haliq were among those who managed to capture the attention of everyone on the ground throughout their performances.

Akif Haliq covered Ailee’s song, busting out moves left and right alongside his twodancers while singing in a rather steady tone. On the other hand, the only group of vocalists in the competition, NOON, showed the audience how different vocal ranges and tones make for an interesting and different performance.


A Touching Prize-Giving Ceremony
Finally, during the award ceremony, H.I.M was declared the winner for the Performance category, while STARRESECONDS was announced as the runner-up. For the Vocal category, Akif Haliq was crowned the winner. There was nothing but applause and cheers for all the participants, regardless of whether they’ve won or not.

Tears were shed, both happy and sad, but nonetheless everyone had done an amazing job! Without a doubt, the young talents who had showed up and showed off to the best of their abilities will hone their skills. It is not yet the end!

It had been a pleasure covering the event. Thank you to SGK Team for the media accreditation! We look forward to seeing more talents in Singapore and all the best to the finalists for the upcoming showdown in Korea 🙂



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