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“[SINGAPORE] STYLE: Meets SECRET at Wisma Atria”


Singapore, 7 November 2015 – In conjunction with Wisma Atria shopping mall’s anniversary celebrations, girl group SECRET (Jun Hyosung, Han Sunhwa, Jung Hana and Song Jieun) came down to Singapore for STYLE: Meets SECRET, a meet-and-greet session with a few of their lucky fans! The event was hosted by Lee Teng and Jayley Woo, both of whom gave the four beautiful ladies a very warm welcome. SECRET performed for the fans who were at the mall after the little meet-and-greet session and boy, was it a spectacular night to behold!

A chat with the girls of SECRET

The girls came out and started off by introducing themselves in English! Fans were delighted and cheered to show their encouragement and appreciation. Hyosung said that they were happy to perform in Singapore because the fans are always passionate. She even added that they were preparing for a new album, but were still in the process of choosing songs in the meantime.


What’s better than free albums? Free hugs from SECRET, of course!

The first two songs performed by the four lovely ladies were “Madonna” and “Shy Boy”. Of course, it should come as no surprise to everyone that SECRET managed to enrapture the mall-goers and audience alike with their sweet voices and lively dance steps!

A lucky draw was held after the two songs, and five selected ticket holders came onstage and received an autographed album each. There was a fan who had the opportunity to take a selfie with the girls onstage, and laughter rang all around. Another one of the lucky winners, a huge fan of Hana, was thrilled to get a hug from her favourite SECRET member. Hilarity ensued in the form of the other SECRETTIMEs offstage groaning and whining in envy.


Happy 6th Anniversary, SECRET!

A cake was brought out a while later in celebration of Hyosung’s birthday and SECRET’s sixth anniversary! Hana pointed to each figurine on the cake, naming all of her group members cutely. The hosts then got everyone to sing a birthday song for SECRET, in both Korean and English!

The last few songs SECRET performed were “Starlight Moonlight” and “Love is Move”. “Love is Move” had the crowd dancing on their feet for sure! Unfortunately, the girls had to bade everyone goodbye soon afterwards, since they were nearing the end of the show. However, before exiting, Hyosung urged everyone to do their Christmas shopping at Wisma Atria, earning scatters of fond laughter from the crowd.

The Seoul Story would like to congratulate Mediacorp and Wisma Atria on the successful event, and say a big THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to cover the event as well 🙂

For those of you who missed your chance to see SECRET this time, the group will be back in Singapore for the Asian Television Awards on the 3rd of December! Tickets to the show can be obtained from


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