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“[SINGAPORE] SHINee, Red Velvet & Eddy Kim Serve Top-class Performances At Shilla Beauty Concert”

As the audience waved their light sticks that were in vibrant colors of green and red before the commencement of the concert, we knew that it was bound to be an energetic and mind-blowing one. On the 24th of November, Red Velvet and SHINee headlined the ‘Shilla Beauty Concert’ held at Suntec Convention Centre. The show was specially launched to celebrate the opening of The Shilla Duty Free’s new store at Changi Airport Terminal 4. Accompanying the star studded line-up, Eddy Kim was also invited as a special as he dazzled the crowd that night.


Kicking start the concert with a ballad named ‘Apologize’, Eddy Kim made his appearance with a wide grin and his guitar. As his sleek vocals and perfect English garnered the attention of the crowd, Eddy Kim fascinated the fans with ‘You Are So Beautiful’, his OST from renown fantasy drama ‘Goblin’.


As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the star executed a quintessential cover of Eric Bennett’s ‘Be Myself Again’! Rounding it off with his tunes ‘Push & Pull’ and ‘The Manual’, our hearts felt an incandescent love for his exceptional vocals.

In order to welcome Red Velvet with appreciable fanfare, dance group New Spectrum performed a spectacular cover of Red Velvet’s debut song ‘Happiness’ and stunning b-side ‘Red Dress’. As time continued to tick on and the approachable was near, Red Velvet made their highly anticipated arrival with their first bubbly-centric song, ‘Dumb Dumb’.


As it was the group’s comeback season, Irene addressed the Singaporean fans with yearning, and commented: “We’re currently promoting our new song ‘Peek-A-Boo! If we have a chance, we’ll definitely come back to Singapore for a concert.”


The members also shared about the must-have items that they carry in their purses. Wendy carries a lip tint, blusher and eyebrow pencil in her pouch while the maknae, Yeri, prefers to bring a musk-scented perfume in her bag. The main dancer, Seulgi, carries a copper-coloured lipstick around, as she expressed that it is her favourite lipstick shade currently.


With no time to lose, the five-member girl group then went on to perform ‘Russian Roulette’ and ‘Rookie’, as their girl crush personas melted the hearts of not only the male, but female population present at the concert. The fan chants were booming throughout the hall, as the fans had the words embedded in their minds.


Although Singapore is a country that lacks the call of seasons, we have to thank Red Velvet who brought summer to us! As the lights dimmed and the girls got into place, the upbeat-ness of ‘Red Flavor’ entranced our inner spirits, and their undeniable charms galvanized the fans to heighten their tumultuous cheers to the next level.


Last but not least, the mega stars unleashed their newest hit, ‘Peek-A-Boo’, which is a song that shows contrast from their past emblematic concepts and eras. Nevertheless, their new comeback song was prodigious and fresh – we can already label it as an iconic hit. After performing five of their songs, Red Velvet had to say goodbye, but that did not mean the fun was going to end just yet.


Before the real deal appears, dance group Full Out takes the lead in hyping the crowd, performing recognizable mash-up beats that include ‘Replay’ and ‘Ring Ding Dong’.


After their short act, SHINee appears on stage with their first song of the night, ‘View’. Despite the absence of their member Onew, it did not serve as an Achilles’ heel, as the rest of the boys showcased sturdy teamwork throughout the gig. The boy group then continued to perform back-to-back ballads such as ‘Don’t Let Me Go’, ‘An Encore’ and ‘Beautiful’, which highlighted the breath-taking raw vocals of the four members. We were overwhelmed by their stamina, especially Jonghyun who slayed the crowd with his perfectly pitched high notes.


The tenacity of their vocals resounded in the ears of more than 5,000 fans who were there to support them, as they continued to generate top-class performances. Not to forget, the boys explored the stage by waving to all fans in the arena – not forgetting to cover every corner of the sea.


However, it was time for the two-hour gig to end, but the memories will forever be forged in the heart and minds of the fans that were present that night! We would like to thank The Shilla Duty Free and Changi Airport Group for the generous invite to the concert! 🙂


Photo Credit: The Shilla Duty Free
Written by: Crystal



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