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“[SINGAPORE] SEVENTEEN; true performers with superb live stages for ‘Shining Diamonds’!”

Having made a name for themselves as prominent power rookie-dols of 2015, 13-member boy group SEVENTEEN (S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon and Dino) kicked off their ‘Shining Diamonds’ fanmeet tour in Singapore last Saturday. The members were welcomed onto our sunny shores by throngs of Carats at the airport two days before the event, where the anticipation leading up to the day of the fanmeet only escalated even further.

Soon after the doors were opened at the MegaBox Convention Centre, fans streamed in and were greeted by a music video montage playing on the LED screens. This set the atmosphere for a lively show, as the whole crowd sang along to the lyrics word-for-word. When the lights dimmed, the boys appeared on stage accompanied by a burst of streamers and brilliant light. SEVENTEEN kicked off proceedings with the first track “Shining Diamond”- the tour’s namesake. As the performance ended, the crowd roared with ecstasy as the boys stood on stage with their backs to the stage lights, blinding the crowd with their presence.


After a short introduction interspersed with loud cheers from the fans, the boys moved on to their next track “ROCK“. Starting off with a slow house beat before leading into a smooth melody, the stage presence displayed by the boys on stage during this performance was remarkable. The track soon ended with the crowd chanting along to the lines of the song, cheers amplifying the moment the background music started to fade away.


As if the crowd’s enthusiasm had rubbed off on the members, the next performance “Chuck” was no doubt a highlight of the night. Never mind the intensity of the performance itself, blinding neon lights paired with a blaze of beats made this stage a stirring outlet for fans to leave it all on the ground as they waved their lightsticks in unison at the fan meet.


Taking a seat to get to know Singapore Carats a little better, the members went on to take turns answering questions penned on pastel coloured post-it notes by fans prior to the event. The content of the short yet heartwarming notes went from a variety of dance and song related dares to even requests for a simple wish of good luck.


Fans were definitely given a chance to catch their breath before the next segment, where the band broke up into three units and took turns to rev up the crowd. The Vocal unit opened the segment with “When I Grow Up“, during which fans were held within a state of dreamy disposition before moving on to the Performance unit’s rendition of “O.M.G“. Sparks (literally) flew as the boys danced their way through an energetic routine amongst the occasional burst of stage pyrotechnics . Lastly, the Hip-Hop unit sent hearts fluttering with rap track “Fronting“, and the foursome teamed up with members Hoshi and Woozi to bring the fans’ heads bopping to the beat.


Right after a quick change of outfits backstage, the boys took just a little while to return on stage. Breathing new life into their pre-debut track “NO F.U.N“, SEVENTEEN sent a shiver down fans’ spines as they strutted alongside one another on stage whilst armed with jet black umbrellas. It certainly brought an edgy twist to the program and had the crowd from raising their fan boards with great enthusiasm.

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A fan meet definitely isn’t complete with a game segment – the boys split into their respective units again for an interesting game of charades. With the Hip-Hop unit finishing 3rd, the ‘forfeit’ faced by the members was pretty much the contrary for the fans. The four boys took turns to showcase a sexy dance and even aegyo, earning squeals of excitement from the crowd.


Next, the boys eased the crowd into the night with hit debut track “Adore You“, followed by chart-topping title tracks “Mansae” and “Pretty U“. The three songs featured endless adorable gestures and dance moves, and the fans were once again reminded of why SEVENTEEN seems to be the group that has it all. As if watching a series of skits overflowing with youthfulness and charm, the boys proved that they didn’t need overpowering audio and an abundance of backup dancers to make the show a high-spirited one.


Emerging on stage in a pyramid formation, the boys went on to perform their newest track, “Very Nice” from their recent repackaged album. Using the suspenders featured in their recently concluded stage promotions, the boys filled the stage with lively movements including the snapping of their suspender straps before concluding the main segments of the show that night.


After leaving the stage, the band was treated to enthusiastic cheers from the crowd not long after. That was not the end, as the members soon returned onstage for an encore. Performing “Healing” and topping it off with the saccharine sweet “Love Letter“, SEVENTEEN sent the fans’ hearts ablaze as they ended the fan meet on a high note. A couple of lucky fans were also thrown autographed capsules throughout the performances before the boys finally bid the Carats goodbye. Despite it being their first time performing for Singaporean Carats, the show had made it crystal clear that the boys had so much more prepared for the future.

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