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“[SINGAPORE] SEVENTEEN Showcases Versatility & Endless Talent At ‘Diamond Edge’ World Tour”

A variety of songs, a wide pool of talent, and extraordinary performances were showcased that day. Self-producing idol group SEVENTEEN performed in Singapore on the 29th of September for their “1st World Tour -“Diamond Edge” tour, and it is the group’s second time in our little red dot.


Opening the night with the carnival version of ‘Pretty U’, the boys were donned in different colored outfits, but their vocals proved the strong bond and connection between the members. Following up with more adoring hits such as, ‘Adore U’ and ‘Very Nice’, the fans waved their CARAT bongs enthusiastically upon seeing their favorite idols on stage. The thirteen of them did not only bring their teamwork – the boys proved that they had great synchronisation when it came to dance moves, and their vocals were definitely on point.


If anything, we would be astonished and blessed to have SEVENTEEN as our classmates in school, and it became a dream came true that night. Wearing their customised school uniforms, the mega stars performed the remixed version of ‘Mansae’, which was a nice spin off to its original track. As the crowd’s energy soared to an all-time high, the boys performed their hit song ‘Boom Boom’, as CARATs sang and danced along to their performance.


Taking a short break from the performances, rappers Vernon and Mingyu took on the role of entertaining the crowd – and produced an all new activity for their duo ment. It was an eye-staring competition, and the person who blinked first had to do ‘aegyo’ in front of the crowd. As the fans rooted for their favorite boy to win, Mingyu lost the competition in the end.


SEVENTEEN are not only idols with talents, but their individuality and versatility have shaped them into great performers that are mesmerizing to watch. As the boys broke into their various sub-units – the Vocal unit, Hip Hop unit and Performance unit, the boys showcased their specialties, and the crowd was definitely impressed with the array of technique and aptitude.


The first to perform was the Vocal Unit consisting of Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, DK and Seungkwan, as they sang the unreleased version of ‘We Gonna Make It Shine’. Their powerful and raw vocals rang throughout the convention centre; the crowd was in pin-drop silence from the arresting vocal arrangements. Every member had their own time to shine, and their performance was a wholesome one.


Next up to perform were the effervescent boys from the Hip Hop Unit consisting of rappers S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu and Vernon. To put it simply, these guys are responsible of hyping up the audience, and they did it successfully. Performing ‘Check In’ and ‘언행일치 (Un Heang Il Chi)’, the vibrancy and vigour of their performance was felt as they gave it their all.


Last but not least, the Performance Unit consisting of Jun, Hoshi, The8 and Dino wrapped up the sub-unit performances by ending it with a bang. Performing the remixed version of ‘OMG’ and ‘Highlight’, the four boys were fascinating to watch.


A smooth transition to regroup the thirteen of them, the boys came out to perform ‘Crazy In Love’ together – as we fell even harder for all of the boys. Jun and The8, also known as the China line, then wow-ed the crowd with ‘My I’, as their fiery yet elegant spirits took over the song. The crowd was extremely impressed with this particular performance, as the boys showcased wondrous dance moves. Who knew a string could be made use of so stunningly?


The singers then carried on with more melodious songs including ‘Rock’, ‘Chuck’ and their latest hit song ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’, as the crowd moved and sang along to the boys. However, it was time for the boys to leave, and the crowd was not ready to let that happen. They chanted for an encore, and waited for the boys to emerge on stage again.


Coming back on stage wearing casual shirts, the boys were nothing short of boyfriend material. The stars presented the crowd with ‘Shining Diamond’ and ‘Healing’, which are light-hearted songs to wrap up the concert.


During the final segment, the boys showed their support and thanks to CARATs, which reminded us how humble and loving they are as idols. “We hope when your friends ask you about SEVENTEEN’s concert, you’ll tell them it’s awesome!” commented Joshua, as his eye-smile made the crowd look at him in reverie. Leader S.Coups, shared: “I’m nothing, but you guys gave me light, showed me the way, and I became something.”


After those wise and beautiful words spoken by the leader, the concert came to an end, and the crowd said goodbye to the boys with heavy hearts. Despite the end of the concert, we are sure that the time CARATs shared with SEVENTEEN will always be delightful and memorable for each and everyone of them. We were honoured to be part of the special night and would like to thank IME SG for the generous invite! 🙂

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Photo Credit: Runying
Written by: Crystal



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