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“[SINGAPORE] Seo Kang Jun Talks Cheese and Unrequited Love at ‘Cheese In The Trap’ Media Conference”


Slice-of-life webtoon adaptation Cheese In The Trap has taken the drama world by storm, garnering superb TV ratings in Korea and boosting the popularity of the cast. Portraying the cheeky and hotheaded supporting male lead Baek In-ho is budding actor Seo Kang Jun. Also a member of idol band 5urprise, Seo Kang Jun first gained the public’s interest back in 2014 through his breakout role in K-drama Cunning Single Lady. As part of overseas promotions for Cheese In The Trap, Seo Kang Jun arrived on the shores of Singapore recently for a Meet & Greet session with fans. Before his public appearance, the talented actor-singer sat down with the media for a press conference.

Keeping in line with the rocker-chic style of his character Baek In-ho, Seo Kang Jun appeared at the press conference in edgy ripped jeans with a charming smile to boot. He started off by revealing that it was his first time in Singapore and expressed his surprise at the hot weather. Even so, he was full of praise for the beautiful country and kindness of the local people.


That was followed by the typical question regarding the star’s thoughts on local cuisine. Having tried Singapore’s signature Chili Crab dish the day before, Seo Kang Jun also added that it was very delicious when paired with bread to dip in the sauce. The actor then drew some laughter from the audience with his apprehension towards the exotic-smelling durian. He also shared that he had studied in neighbouring Malaysia for a period of time.

Since he was here to promote Cheese In The Trap, Seo Kang Jun entertained many questions about his role and the drama’s plot. When asked about the degree of similarity between Baek In-ho and his personality in real life, he revealed that he was very concerned at first as the two were vastly different. Viewers of the drama would know that Baek In-ho is a lively and active character, while Seo Kang Jun feels that he is more introverted and calm in reality. Despite that, he gradually became more comfortable and felt that the role made sense. His favourite scene was when he got into a fistfight with actor Park Hae-jin as it evoked some sadness in him in relation to the friendship between the two characters.


When prompted to think of what his biggest worry was in relation to his role, he raised his awareness of the original webtoon’s popularity as well as his suitability for the role. However, he studied the character in great detail and consulted the director many times in order to meet and even exceed the public’s expectations. Through that, he cast off his initial worries and is personally satisfied with the Baek In-ho he has portrayed in the drama. While filming, he also realized that he subconsciously started to swear more often, a trait reminiscent of his onscreen character!

The media was also curious as to whether Seo Kang Jun liked cheese in reality and he replied in the affirmative, even pointing out that cheese goes well with beer. With regard to his response to In Ho’s one-sided love towards Seol in the drama, he stayed rooted to his character. Like how In-ho did not hope for Yoo Jung and Seol to break up, he too would wish for Seol’s happiness.

Seo Kang Jun also explained that he was attracted to how In-ho was discreetly caring and very genuine as compared to Yoo Jung’s charming and outwardly caring personality. For fans looking forward to this star’s future plans, he has not decided on his next project. Meanwhile, he would be touring around Asia as part of Cheese In The Trap promotions and fans can also watch out for his appearance on variety show ‘Law Of The Jungle’.


In the drama, Baek In-ho is a skilled pianist. Seo Kang Jun pointed out that though he did learn the piano for 7 years, the only scene in which he actually did play the piano was during the scene with Seol. Despite that, the actor does know how to play the Danso (Korean flute) from lessons in elementary school. He also mentioned that he would like to take on the role of a student as he is still young, although people around him think that he would be suitable as a vampire due to his fair skin.

Seo Kang Jun then spoke of his costar Park Hae-jin’s concerns regarding their age difference, as they had to portray characters of the same age. Thanks to his easygoing character in the drama as well as his mature looks, they did not experience any difficulty during filming. Seo Kang Jun also expressed interest in the role of Eun Taek as he liked how cute the character is as well as his pure love towards Bora.


For fans unfamiliar to this drama, Seo Kang Jun described it as having many scenes that induce heart-fluttering feelings and paint an interesting picture of Korean university life. This is also one of the reasons why Cheese In The Trap is so popular and well liked by viewers in Korea.

Seo Kang Jun then shared that he enjoyed regular trips to the seaside with his friends and mealtimes in the canteen while schooling. He also showed a down-to-earth side by expressing a liking for convenience store cheese sticks and string cheese commonly found on pizzas. Local fans will also be glad to know that he finds Singaporeans girls kind and full of smiles! Lastly, he did say that although the members of 5urprise do not usually comment on his acting, they did think that his role in Cheese In The Trap was “good fun”.

Cheese in the Trap is currently airing on VV Drama (StarHub TV Channel 855) 娱家戏剧台 (星和视界第855频道) every Sunday at 10pm.


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