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“[SINGAPORE] SECRET Fan Meeting in Singapore 2015: A Magical Night of Fun & Laughter”

Jeon HyosungHan Sunhwa, Jung Hana and Song Jieun graced Singapore on 28 June and brought the house down with energetic SECRETTIMEs at the Resorts World Theatre!


The familiar sound of the saxophone sent fans into frenzy once lights were dimmed in the theatre. Secret kicked start the fanmeet with “Poison” and fans were thrilled by the enticing dance moves and superb vocals showcased right in front of them. The four girls then channeled their inner “Madonna” during the next song, the upbeat melody rousing another wave of cheers from the crowd.


Sunhwa divulged that she had been learning Chinese and showed off her newly-acquired skill to the delight of the fans, while Hyosung confessed that promoting her recent solo album had been a daunting challenge. On a lighter note, Jieun, who when asked what kind of superpower she would like to have if she could have any, cheekily answered that she would like to have the ability to eat without gaining weight! What was unanticipated was when Hana suddenly revealed that she is currently working on her own solo album, garnering a round of supportive yells from ardent SECRETTIMEs in the audience.


The Q&A session afterwards disclosed the concept which each member would like to try next, to which Jieun answered that she would like to try a jazz concept. On the other hand, Hana replied that she was interested in an androgynous concept, while Hyosung was keen on a punk rock one! An indie band image was what Sunhwa suggested for the group’s next comeback. All these varied answers only served to titillate the fans, who were excited by the possibility of SECRET
coming back with a never-before-seen concept!


Unfortunately, the first game was cancelled due to an unforeseen technical error. There was a sudden lull of disappointment before Hyosung lifted everyone’s spirits by singing a bit of “Goodnight Kiss”, a song from her first mini solo album. Luck was with the fans who participated in the second game where first four male fans who took their shirts off got to pair up with a SECRET member each. Of course, hilarity ensued during the game of charades. The lucky contestant who won got a group photo with all four beautiful girls at the end of the game.




“Yoohoo” and “Shy Boy” were among some of the other songs SECRET performed during the fan meeting. They proclaimed their thoughts regarding fans during the next talk segment. Hyosung praised the fans for being friendly while Jieun expressed her surprise at how forward her female Singaporean fans were. It was after Jieun said that she would like to stay with the fans forever that the lights dimmed and everyone held up papers which said “SECRET 우리의 사랑”, meaning, “SECRET Our Love”. It was on that note that SECRET sang “Together”, inducing a somber yet emotional atmosphere in the theater.


But of course, the girls appeared onstage once again afterwards for an encore, entertaining the audience with “Love is Move”! To show how much they love the fans, SECRET even took a group photo with everyone in the audience before thanking everyone for coming down to see them. Unfortunately, time flies when you’re having fun. The girls had to bid goodbye to the fans soon after, gratefully bowing before they made their way backstage.

The Seoul Story would like to thank Unleash Productions for organizing the event and for giving us the opportunity to cover this wonderful event!

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