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“[SINGAPORE] Ji Chang Wook dazzles as Shokubutsu’s brand ambassador”


Multi-talented actor Ji Chang Wook paid Singaporean fans a visit last Sunday as Shokubutsu‘s brand ambassador, endorsing their new Shokubutsu RevitaCare Body Foam. Known for his roles in ‘Healer’ and ‘Empress Ki’, the charming actor had garnered a sizable fan base over the past few years. He had also released a Chinese album recently which should probably come as no surprise to fans, given his beautifully mellow voice.

Warm and gentle, like a ray of afternoon sunlight

It was revealed during the press conference that Ji Chang Wook almost could not make it in time for the slate of activities lined up for him last Sunday! Fortunately for fans, his flight was not delayed in the end. He spilled that he will be shooting for a movie in China soon, so fans should stay tuned to find out more about the upcoming movie which will be aired in 2016.


He was all smiles throughout the entire press conference, smirking at one point of time when he talked about how playful he usually is with the people around him. However, when asked to rate himself in terms of attractiveness, Ji Chang Wook humbly gave himself a 7.5 out of 10, surprising everyone around him. The host then objected, describing him as a solid 11 out of 10 points. Her comment resulted in laughter from the rest of the people in the room and vigorous clicks of cameras as said actor got a little shy from being complimented.

The press conference came to an end with Ji Chang Wook leaving his autograph on a huge poster of himself behind him. There was a moment of confusion as the actor adorably wondered which side of his chest he should leave his autograph on!


Having fun with fans

Ji Chang Wook changed into casual wear for his private fan meeting with eighty fans. The moment he entered the room, everyone erupted into cheers and hoots, delighted to see the tall and good-looking actor in person. His manners and charm had his fans melting in their seats; it was literally impossible not to coo at every action the young man executed.


The time came when fans were invited up to play some games! For the first game, fans had to identify the scent of the Shokubutsu shampoo given in a small plastic cup. Shouts of agony could be heard from the floor as Ji Chang Wook blindfolded each participant with his own bare hands. In the end, those who had correctly identified the type of shampoo won a personalised autograph from the actor. Not only that, but they were all able to have a photo taken with Ji Chang Wook as well.


For the second game, a new batch of lucky fans were called up. Their task was to squeeze body foam into a cup and ensure that it reached a mass close to 126 grams when put on the weighing scale. Ji Chang Wook could be seen meticulously observing and guiding the fans through the task, until he realised that it might be a bad idea for them to listen to him which made everyone burst into laughter with his honest comment. In the end, those who had succeeded won an autographed poster and a photo taken with the celebrity.

Ji Chang Wook gave out more autographed posters and candy canes to other fans who had missed the opportunity to play games with him. He wished everyone a warm Christmas and ended off with a group photo with fans to commemorate the eventful day.


Near the end of the fan meeting, Ji Chang Wook struck a few poses for his fans, and even attempted to take a we-fie with the rest of them in the audience. His smile was contagious, and everyone could not help but to feel happy in his presence.

Welcoming Christmas with Ji Chang Wook

Shortly after the private fan meet, Ji Chang Wook headed over to Suntec City for his first public appearance in Singapore! A large crowd consisting of both fans and shoppers gathered excitedly while awaiting the actor’s arrival.


During the public fan meeting, Ji Chang Wook expressed that he felt really happy to be holding a fan meet here in Singapore, and had visited the country before for leisure purposes. When asked if he has held any special events for girls in the past, Ji Chang Wook stated that he has not done so but would definitely love to. However, he then mentioned that he would love to cook ramen for all his fans, and proceeded to share his very own ramen recipe! 5 lucky fans also received a hug, photo opportunity, and Shokubutsu goodie bag from Ji Chang Wook personally that evening.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Before he left, Ji Chang Wook expressed his hope of wanting to come down to Singapore again. We really do hope to see you back in Singapore soon, Mr Warm-and-Gentle!

The Seoul Story would like to thank Lioncorp for the opportunity to cover this event! 🙂



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