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“[SINGAPORE] Power Rookie Day6 jams out with energetic band performances for #Day6InSg”


Debuting just three months ago with the album “The Day”, JYP’s latest boy group Day6 has won the hearts of many. The members stray from the usual ‘idol’ stereotype and instead promote with an emphasis on musical prowess, each playing an instrument and jamming together like a traditional band. This style of performance sets them apart from other K-pop groups in the industry, gaining them much interest worldwide.

Last Saturday, Day6 fans in Singapore gathered at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre for the band’s first ever fanmeet in the country. Dispensing with a grand entrance, the members stepped onstage amid the fans’ cheers to tune their instruments and get themselves ready for their performances. Day6 soon kicked off proceedings and got the fans bopping to the music with “Out Of My Mind”!


Next was another song from their album, “Habits”. Day6 then continued their concert segment with one of their songs, “You”, made famous by multiple performances in live clubs around Seoul. The members then rocked the stage with a series of covers, starting out with an impressive rendition of One Republic’s “Stop And Stare” and ending with a remixed cover of “Nobody” by the Wonder Girls.

The games segment was up next. The boys handpicked numbers from a box and chose a group of lucky fans who got the chance to interact with the members up close onstage. The members played games ranging from “Identity” (fans had to guess the identities of members whilst blindfolded) to “Broken Telephone”, but with a twist – the game was to be played with picture-drawing instead of speaking! The crowd got to witness the drawing skills of the members and cheer on their friends onstage, bringing a lively and comfortable feel to the event. The fans that succeeded in the games won themselves considerably hard-earned pictures with the members.


After interacting with the fans, Day6 took to the stage again to showcase more tracks from their album. “Like That Sun” injected excitement into the event while the ever-versatile band members toned it down for a soothing performance of “Colours” that clearly featured the voices of the vocalists. This segment ended off with Day6 being surprised with a fan-made video compilation of their performances. Also, as member Young K’s birthday was approaching, fans in Singapore had the opportunity to celebrate his birthday with him and even sang a birthday song!


Soon, Day6 announced that they would be playing their last song. The members took turns to thank their families and the fans for their support and love.

Wonpil: This is our first time here, thank you for all your love! I never expected all these to happen! I am going to try to repay all the love you’ve shown me tonight.

YoungK: Thank you so much for being so welcoming! You guys are great!!! Actually my parents are here. They flew all the way from Toronto and it’s my dad’s first time seeing me perform. Thank you so much, we love you all!!

Junhyeok: Sorry I don’t speak English very well, only Korean! *laughs* This is our very first time in Singapore, I’m happy I’m here.. I couldn’t even imagine this in the beginning! Thanks for all the love and support you’ve shown us today. Today is my mother’s birthday, so I’m going to work very hard and earn money so I can bring her to my concerts. I love you guys as much as I love my mother!!!

Dowoon: I love you Singapore! *takes a 90 degree bow & laughs*

Jae: You guys makes me feel smart because when I say something and go crazy you guys would scream, other times when I say ‘Go Crazy’, people look at me like… ‘Are you crazy?!’ Yo Singapore, we had so much fun the past few days, we love the food, atmosphere and I hope you guys had as much fun as we did!

Sungjin: I’m so honoured to have a fanmeeting in Singapore! Please continue to support us, and love us. Thank you!


The band then proceeded to play their long awaited last song “Congratulations”, the title track from “The Day”.

After leaving the stage, the band was treated to enthusiastic cheers from the crowd. They then returned for an encore, starting off with a special Bruno Mars medley and topped off with “Freely”, another one of their newer tracks that ended the concert segment on a high note. Day6’s performances were nothing short of amazing, but yet only touches the tip of the iceberg as fans anticipate for much more to come from this promising band in the future.


The Seoul Story would like to express our gratitude to Three Angles Production for granting us media accreditation to this event 🙂


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