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“[SINGAPORE] Park Bogum Gives Us An ‘Oh Happy Day’ During Press Conference”

Park Bogum, best known for his character in ‘Love in The Moonlight’ and ‘Reply 1988′, is undeniably one of the most well-liked K-drama actors of our generation. Additionally, his good manners and kind soul made him the ‘prince charming’ for many fans. During the press conference, a day before his fan meeting on 17th February, we were introduced to more sides of this admirable celebrity, and the challenges he had to overcome.

Charismatic, cute and handsome are a few of the many endearments used by fans to address Park Bogum. However, the actor describes himself as a diligent man, pursuing what he wants to perfection and always sending positive vibes to the people around him.

During the press conference, Bogum animatedly talked about his experiences while filming ‘Love in the Moonlight’, a drama that propelled him to further success. “I became so close to the cast to the point where we were scolded by the Director for making too much noise on set,” the young actor exclaimed, who played Lee Young in the drama.

The actor also revealed that his favorite feature of himself is his eyes, and we couldn’t agree more! His eye smile is one of the many reasons why his fans have fallen in love with him, but not discounting his humble heart and good mannerism. He also added that he wanted to grow in height, despite standing tall at 183cm.

The actor has tried local dishes such as ‘Bak Kut Teh’ and ‘Laksa’, and was seemingly impressed with its mouth-watering taste and unique scent.

Lastly, Bogum reminded everyone to accept their own flaws and do not seek for unnecessary perfection. “2017 is the year for greater blessing and I can’t wait to become a better person and actor,” he affirmed.

For more photos of Park Bogum during the press conference, do head over to our Facebook Page! The Seoul Story would like to thank Unusual Entertainment for the opportunity to cover this event! 🙂



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