“[SINGAPORE] Park Bogum Delivered More Than Just An ‘Oh Happy Day’ To Fans”

Addressed as one of the hottest K-drama actors currently, Park Bogum held his fan meeting in Singapore on 18th February. He put his heart and soul into preparing for the tour, which turned out to be extremely successful!

Chapter 1: Happy Bogum
First up, the actor presented unreleased photos that brought excitement to the fans. Photos of him posing with a mini Merlion and the iconic Marina Bay Sands building brought smiles to the crowd as they admired them! Behind the scenes photos that hit home for Bogum was well loved by the fans, bringing back nostalgic memories from the drama, ‘Love in The Moonlight’.

He then continued the show by answering some questions posted by fans, and serenaded them by singing “Don’t Worry” by Lee Juck, a ‘Reply 1988′ OST.

Chapter 2: Happy Gallery
Fans had the opportunity to pick the best three scenes from both ‘Reply 1988′ and ‘Love in The Moonlight’ prior to the event, and they had the luxury of viewing it along with the actor during the fan meeting. Watching those scenes with Bogum was definitely one of the highlights of the night, making each moment absolutely precious.



Chapter 3: Happy Romance
Lucky fans chosen from a draw had the chance to re-enact popular romantic scenes from the dramas he had participated in, with hugs and skin ship involved. Ruptures of applause and laughter could be heard as the crowd watched the actor re-enact those scenes with the chosen fans in envy!

Chapter 4: Happy Dinner
Surprising the fans, Bogum entered through one of the concert hall doors, walking through rows of fans while singing popular local folk song, ‘Singapura‘. He managed to interact with many fans through the stroll, waving and shaking their hands. Shortly after returning to the stage, he tried local delicacies such as Roti Prata and Carrot Cake, which left him in awe as he reacheed out for more. In fact, the actor was very vocal about his love for curry! The megastar then went ahead to create his own innovative dish, made with rice and vinegar wrapped around tofu skin. The blessed fan that had a taste of the creation commented that it was full of love!


Chapter 5: Happy Play
Emerging from behind, Song Joongki made a surprise appearance! Other than expressing his pleasure in coming back to Singapore, he thanked local fans for supporting his junior, Park Bogum. Both actors moved on to play a game of BINGO, where they were assigned tasks to complete in order to ace the game. Their bromance and perfect synergy wow-ed and impressed the fans, as they won four games, and BINGO-ed in the end!

The inevitable end was near, but Bogum’s spirit was still as bright and effervescent. As the actor read a heartfelt letter he wrote for Singapore fans, it brought tears to some in the crowd. The incredible actor then said goodbye, by singing his song ‘My Person’, which is part of the ‘Love in the Moonlight’ OST.

It was the end of the book of memories he created here in Singapore, but his fans would definitely remember this special night for eternity. The Seoul Story would like extend our thanks to Unusual Entertainment for the opportunity to cover this event! 🙂



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