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“[SINGAPORE] Official launch of holographic theatre K-live Sentosa + Press Conference with GOT7”

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Last Tuesday, Southeast Asia’s first dedicated K-pop holographic theatre ‘K-live Sentosa’ was officially launched in Singapore. Located at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) Waterfront, it is the venture’s first foray out of South Korea where it has attracted over 200,000 visitors from around the world. The media launch included an opening address by the Director of K-live as well as a short Q&A session with the boy band GOT7, who are among the K-pop artistes who will be showcased at the holographic theatre performances.

[Press Release] K-live Sentosa - Holotive Global to launch Southeast Asia's first-ever dedicated holographic theatre at Sentosa-4

High Definition Virtual Concert Concept

K-live Sentosa makes use of cutting-edge technology to seamlessly combine holographic content starring popular Korean artistes such as Wonder Girls, 2PM and GOT7. In Singapore, the performances have been enhanced with the addition of original traditional and modern dance performances to make for an altogether more holistic experience.

Designed to make visitors feel like they’re attending a real-life concert, the experience is made even more engaging with the use of augmented and virtual reality technologies and a myriad of special effects.

Flying - Modern Korean Dance

Flying (Korean Modern Dance)

K-live Sentosa will offer two types of shows for visitors, and detailed information can be found in our post here. Tickets to K-live Sentosa can be purchased at SISTIC, Resorts World Sentosa’s website or at K-live Sentosa’s booth from February 12, 2016 onwards.

Address and Q&A with K-live Sentosa

At the media launch, the enterprising personnel behind K-live Sentosa gave an insight into how the holographic theatre will operate. K-live Sentosa will keep things fresh by updating the holographic content every six months, aligning the performances with the release of new songs from trending K-Pop artists. Similarly, the live performances will be changed every three months. In addition, K-live Sentosa are in the process of developing new technology so fans can ‘communicate’ with the holograms, such as engaging in a virtual snowball fight with 2PM!

Some anecdotes about filming the content were shared as well, such as GOT7’s Jackson having to do a whopping 30 somersaults. A Wonder Girls member unfortunately injured her ankle during filming, but continued filming after a short rest like a true professional. The perfectionist boys of 2PM filmed for 6 hours straight and wanted to retake their parts afterwards, even when asked to stop by the Chief Director.

[Press Release] K-live Sentosa - Holotive Global to launch Southeast Asia's first-ever dedicated holographic theatre at Sentosa-2

The Chief Director also mentioned that he is thinking of roping in artistes like Block B and INFINITE in addition to the current lineup of 2PM, Wonder Girls and GOT7!

Press Conference with GOT7

The members of GOT7 (JB, Mark, Junior, Jackson, Youngjae, Bambam, Yugyeom) kicked off the highly-anticipated Q&A session by introducing themselves in both Korean and English, and immediately sat down to answer questions posed to them by the media.

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Leader JB gave an well thought-out explanation in response to the first question of how GOT7 deals with negative perception of their talent. He stated that as singers and artistes, they have a certain level of self-esteem and pride in themselves. He assured that even though the group may still be lacking in certain areas, they will perfect their craft and show better performances through hard work and practice.

JB also mentioned that through K-live Sentosa’s holographic theatre, GOT7 would be able to showcase a variety of stages so that non-fans can get to know the group, and hopes that they can show their real selves and better themselves in the process.

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Member Youngjae hinted at GOT7’s return to Singapore for a full-fledged concert by saying that the group will try their best to come back as soon as they can to spend more time with the local fans. Thai member Bambam described the experience of filming the holographic content to be ‘amazing’ and said he was fascinated at the concept of singing and dancing in front of a green screen.

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For the last question regarding the most difficult part of filming a hologram, member Mark stepped up and answered the question in fluent English. He shared that since the group had to do a concert performance in front of a cameraman instead of a real audience, it was difficult to bring out the energy they usually have onstage.

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JB wrapped up the Q&A session with a quick ending ment and with that, the press conference officially came to an end. We would like to congratulate Holotive Global and K-live Sentosa for the successful media launch and express our gratitude for media accreditation for the event 🙂


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