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“[SINGAPORE] NANTA (Cookin’) – A spectacular feast for the eyes”

Crowned as the #1 show in Korea, NANTA (Cookin’) made a quick stop in Singapore to greet fans once again between 3-5 June 2016 at the Resorts World Theatre.

Combining Salmunori, comedy and culinary skills, the cast was nothing short of enthusiastic as they performed their high energy, non-verbal skit to entertain the crowd. The show started off with a bang – an intense opening that quickly segued into an introduction of the boss’ nephew as part of the kitchen crew. Although not highly welcomed at first, he worked hard to prove his worth and was then acknowledged and accepted by the other staff members.

Despite the simple storyline, it was the beautiful transitions between scenes that kept the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the show. The crew members left no room for boredom as they pulled off intricate stunts on stage, holding the attention of everyone present. NANTA is also a great show to enjoy with the entire family, as it was easy to see how both adults and young children could revel in the lively performances and humorous antics of the cast.

The crowd also had the chance to be part of the show as the crew members picked a few to join them on stage. Similar to their audience interaction segments in other overseas performances, the NANTA crew injected a local flavour into their performance by including the delicious ‘pandan cake’ in their recipe. It was truly an adorable gesture that received its share of appreciation from the audience.

Just when everyone thought that the show was over, the crew members brought out yet another surprise. Transforming into fierce drummers, they performed a final high-intensity set and unleashed their musical talents on a whole new level. That very moment definitely encapsulated the reason why NANTA (Cookin’) deserves every accolade it has received both domestically and internationally.

To read our previous interview with producer Mr Seung-whan Song and the energetic crew members of the show, click here. We would like to extend our gratitude to Red Spade Entertainment and Press Kit for this review opportunity 🙂



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