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“[SINGAPORE] Lovelyz say ‘Hi~’ to Singapore fans for the first time at Lovelyz 3 of Winter World”

For the first time since their debut in 2014, the eight members of Lovelyz greeted fans in Singapore during their concert ‘Lovelyz 3 of Winter World’, held at Zepp@BIGBOX on March 17th, 2019! It was evident how long Lovelinus have been awaiting this day as they showed their unending love and support to the girls throughout the 2.5-hour-long concert.

Kicking off the night with ‘Lost N Found’, the title track to their latest EP ‘Sanctuary’ released on November 26th last year, the girls appeared on stage clad in all white to the excited and passionate cheers of fans!

Lovelyz’ love for their fans is remarkable – all they cared about was making sure that Lovelinus were having fun! In the introduction segment, they even enforced 3 rules for enjoying the concert. Firstly, if fans knew the song, they should sing along; secondly, for the fans to scream a lot; and lastly, for the fans to give the Lovelyz members their energy for 2 hours!

On top of their popular title tracks ‘Hi~’, ‘Ah-Choo’, and ‘Destiny’, Lovelyz also performed other songs including fun tracks ‘Joyland’ and ‘Cameo’, and ballads ‘Rewind’ and ‘FALLIN’. Lovelinus were even given the opportunity to sing during ‘First Snow’, making for a memorable episode!

Throughout the concert, the Lovelyz members communicated almost entirely in English. Anyone could see that the girls had really put in their utmost effort in preparing to meet Lovelinus at this concert! Yein, in particular, shared her story about learning English during the ending segment, while Mijoo tried her hardest to speak in English despite not being confident about it. Apart from this, gifts were also prepared for fans in the crowd who were lucky enough to catch them as the members threw them out during ‘Dear You’.

All good things must come to an end, and as much as fans were reluctant for the concert to end, the Lovelyz members also gave them something to look forward to in their ending speeches. Member Jisoo explained that she was so touched she almost cried at the start of the concert when the drape fell and revealed the crowd. Kei, Sujeong, Jiae, and Baby Soul also expressed their thankfulness for Singapore Lovelinus. Jin and a few other members even promised that they will come back to Singapore soon to thank Lovelinus for their support!

Just when Lovelyz thought they couldn’t be showered with enough love, Lovelinus took things up another notch by preparing a surprise cake for Kei to celebrate her birthday in advance! What got the waterworks starting for both members and fans though, was the special fan video showcasing their journey from debut to music show wins, and a heartfelt thank you message from Lovelinus. One could see that the Lovelyz members were really touched as most of them were in tears. Some members were even having a hard time continuing with their last track ‘Goodnight Like Yesterday’.

It was a touching and heartwarming night, and we are sure many Lovelinus would not have traded the time spent at the concert for anything. Lovelyz, we remember your promise and will be waiting for the day you return to Singapore again!

We would like to thank IME SG for the invite to be part of this special night! 🙂

Photos by: Phebs
Written by: Ruby