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“[SINGAPORE] Legendary Kpop King Rain Is Back with ‘The Squall’ in Singapore”


Original king of Kpop Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) made a quick stop in Singapore recently for his concert ‘The Squall’.

The talented soloist  sat down with the media for a press conference at Resorts World Sentosa where he discussed about his upcoming album and shared some future plans he has prepared for 2017.

Fans who would be attending his concert would be able to reminiscence some his old-time hits as well as newer songs. They would also be able to see a more ‘natural’ side to him as he would present himself on a more personal level with fans.

Rain also talked about his new album where he mentioned that it would be released on 15th January 2017. The album would be leaning towards a R&B genre and it consists of a special collaboration track with PSY as well as a Chinese song. Fans certainly can expect and look forward to this upcoming album for sure!

Apart from being an acclaimed singer and dancer, Rain is also well known in the industry for his acting as well. He has starred in many films and dramas and won several awards. He shared that if he is given the opportunity to do so, he would like to film in Singapore as he likes the country very much.

When asked about his latest drama ‘Endless Love’ starring f(x)’s Victoria, he shared that it was enjoyable working together with her as she was very cheerful and enthusiastic and spoke highly of her acting skills too.

Rain also revealed that he is currently preparing a new male idol group that is set to debut in 2017, if not, latest by 2018 under his own agency – The Rain Company.

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Rain certainly lived up to his name of being the king of Kpop as he put out stellar performances and captivated hearts of many adoring fans.

He kicked off the concert with one of his most popular tracks “It’s Raining” and fans screamed and cheered their hearts out. Rain performed a couple of other songs before greeting Singaporean fans in English where he said that it’s been quite a while since he was last here in Singapore and felt very nervous.

With his slick dance moves and boyish charms, it is not hard to see why people would fall for Rain. Throughout the entire concert, he teased the fans several times where he would show off skin by unzipping his jacket and even revealed his abs during the song “I” making fans ecstatic.

The atmosphere got slightly emotional when a segment for VCR was presented to fans showcasing Rain’s performances throughout the years from debut to present time.

Rain performed popular tracks such as “Hip Song”, “How to Avoid the Sun”, “La Song”, “I Do” and not forgetting “Rainism” which had the audience grooving along to the beats. He also wowed the audience with his perfect Mandarin when he sang the song “克拉恋人”which was the opening track from his 2015 Chinese Drama “Diamond Lover.” It was certainly impressive for a one-man show where he continuously entertained the audience throughout the entire show.

To end off the concert on a high note, Rain gave a lot of fan service where he even came down personally from stage to interact with the audience and even took selfies with a few lucky fans. He also performed a special remix version of “La Song” during the encore before shouting “Happy New Year!” to everyone in the concert hall. It was certainly a night for everyone to remember and a memorable way to end 2016 as well.

Special thanks to StarSpeed Entertainment and Faith & D Entertainment, for granting us coverage for the entire even.

We look forward to see Rain back here in Singapore soon with many more performances! 🙂

Picture Credit: StarSpeed Entertainment



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