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“[SINGAPORE] Lee Joon Gi Surprises Crowd With Silky Vocals & Moves At ‘Thank – You’ Fan Meeting”

Though uncommon for an actor to hold a fan meeting at a golf club, Lee Joon Gi conquered it by performing magnificently on stage. On 4th March, the actor was part of the line up for the HSBC Women’s Champions Singapore Music Festival, where he held his fan meeting, ‘THANK – YOU’. A whooping amount of 5,000 people showed up at the event, and it was a night of fun and bliss.

Joon Gi blew the crowd away with his amazing rap and vocal skills through a feast of fun-packed performances for his fans. ‘Lost Frame’, ‘Born Again’ and ‘Just One Word’ were some of the oldies from his past albums that he performed that day, serenading the crowd with his flawless dance moves and silky-like voice.

The actor conversed with the crowd in English, which brought him emotionally closer to the fans. Prepared with their handy light sticks and energetic aura, Joon Gi was thankful for his Singaporean fans. “Thank you guys for waiting for me, I promise I will come to Singapore more often,” he assured, to the delight of many.

2016 was the year where Joon Gi acted in ‘Scarlet Heart’, playing the 4th Prince named Wang So. As the memories and emotions from the drama were still fresh in their minds, some teared up when he surprised the crowd by singing ‘For You’, the OST from ‘Scarlet Heart’ that was originally sang by Chen, Xiumin and Baekhyun of EXO. It was said to be the last performance of the night.

However, the actor soon appeared on stage shortly after for an ‘encore’, and dressed up with abstract clothing and shades. He performed ‘Sexy Back’, amusing the crowd with his body rolls and supple moves. Just like a magician, Joon Gi had many surprises up his sleeve. He astounded the crowd by performing ‘Good Boy’, ‘Fantastic Baby’ and ‘Bang Bang Bang’, three of the most iconic songs by Big Bang. He also performed Twice’s ‘TT’, which is a fan favorite amongst his other tour stops.

Joon Gi definitely made an impact with his presence in Singapore for the very first time, his unique and lively fan meeting captured the hearts of many locals and was certainly a night to remember!

The Seoul Story would like to thank UnUsUaL Entertainment for the opportunity to cover this event! 🙂

Photo Credit: UnUsUaL Entertainment



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