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“[SINGAPORE] Lee Joon Gi Radiates With Love During ‘Thank – You’ Press Conference”

Lee Joon Gi, a man of many talents, made his mark on our little red dot at his ‘THANK – YOU’ press conference on 3rd March. Although it was his first time in Singapore, the actor looked stunning as he posed for the camera effortlessly.

During previous fan meetings, Joon Gi showcased skills such as singing and dancing. He once danced to Twice’s “TT”, which was extremely well received by his fans. When asked about his talents, the actor remarked, “Of course, I can’t sing or dance as well as the professionals, but I like doing it and I try my best.”

Joon Gi has garnered a lot of support from our locals, and finds them energetic and friendly. “I always see Singaporean fans leaving messages on my social media sites, and wondered why I haven’t been to this country before.”

The Korean actor had the chance to act in Hollywood action film, ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’. Despite making a brief appearance in the movie, the actor is very thankful for this opportunity, and hopes to play a part in more English productions in the future.

The star also starred in ‘Scarlet Heart’, a historical drama where he played the character Wang So. “Although the other actors were around 10 years younger than me, the chemistry between us was great. I would do it all over again in a heart beat,” he shared, reminiscing about the old days.

Best known for playing the 4th Prince in the drama, Wang So, his character portrayed aggressiveness yet attracted sympathy. “I don’t think my character fits well with the modern times,” he explained, “he is too fierce.”

The artist was also challenged to play a game of golf with professional golfers from Singapore. Despite missing the hole, he showed sportsmanship by congratulating the other golfers who successfully scored in the game.

Last but not least, Joon Gi conveyed his excitement for the HSBC Women’s Championships Music Festival promising a thrilling and heart-felt fan meeting for his fans.

We would like to thank UnUsUaL Entertainment for allowing us to provide media coverage for the press conference 🙂

Photo Credit: UnUsUaL Entertainment



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