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“[SINGAPORE] Ko Kyung Pyo’s First Fan Meeting in Singapore Press Conference”

Actor and comedian Ko Kyung Pyo‘s popularity has been on the rise after the success of ‘Reply 1988’ and very recently, ‘Jealousy Incarnate’. The dashing and good-natured man came down to Suntec Convention Centre last weekend to meet Singaporean fans for the first time ever. A press conference was held at the same venue before the start of the fan meeting, where we had a glimpse of Ko Kyung Pyo‘s journey as an actor till now.

The interview session kicked off smoothly with the handsome actor admitting that he felt grateful to be sitting where he was at that moment. It felt really good to have a lot more opportunities to act in different drama roles after the success of ‘Reply 1988’. Before he acted in the drama, the roles he’d played were very comical and immature.

While he had been constantly doing his activities as an actor before he was offered a role in ‘Reply 1988’, he wasn’t chasing after popularity or fame. Instead, he was focusing more on friendships and bonds created with other actors. It just goes to show that good thing come to those who wait!

Upon being asked regarding the scene where he measured Pyo Na Ri‘s (Gong Hyo Jin) body in ‘Jealousy Incarnate’, Ko Kyung Pyo revealed that it was a heart-fluttering scene to him. In a way, he was trying to show Na Ri his love. Unlike the usual rich chaebol in your everyday Korean dramas, Jung Won (Ko Kyung Pyo) took down Na Ri’s measurements in order to create a custom-made dress, which he cheekily called the “Pyo Na Ri” size. It was this scene which made him feel that his character as Jung Won was portrayed well.

Ko Kyung Pyo shared that the most romantic thing he can do for a girl he loves would be to cook for her. That is not all, but he feels that it is also romantic to cook for their friends and family!

Every scene in ‘Jealousy Incarnate’ is very unique and interesting in his opinion. It was difficult for him to choose a particular memorable scene but he picked out the one where he had a fight scene with Jo Jung Suk’s character. It was filmed when the weather was getting really cold in Korea. When he first filmed it, he was faced with many fears and worries, but it turned out to be a very funny and memorable incident.

He also recounted his trip to Africa with the ‘Reply 1988′ cast for Youth over Flowers. Park Bogum had an accident while they were water-rafting. He fell into the river but that particular part was edited out of the show because it was too dangerous. As a result of that incident, Ko Kyung Pyo sought to change his way of life when he came back to Korea. He became more focused on reality, and became more appreciative of every moment he goes through in life.

We would like to extend our special thanks to KMTV for granting us media accreditation! We hope that Ko Kyung Pyo will come down and visit Singapore again in the near future! 🙂

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