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“[SINGAPORE] Kim So Hyun mesmerises during her first ever Meet and Greet session with Singaporean fans”

Kim So Hyun made her first appearance in Singapore last week to promote her latest drama. The beloved actress was greeted warmly by Singaporean fans upon her arrival at Changi Airport last Thursday. She was invited by Viu to promote her latest drama, “Bring It On, Ghost”, which revolves around Bong Pal (Ok Taec Yeon), a student with the ability to see ghosts, and Kim Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun), a ghost that has been roaming around the earth for five years.


Of Ghosts and Aegyo

During the press conference, Kim So Hyun expressed that she was overwhelmed by the amount of Singaporean fans who greeted her at the airport the day before.

She then shared her thoughts about herself and how it was like working on set of “Bring It On, Ghost”.

While her character in the drama is full of aegyo, the real Kim So Hyun rarely acts in a cute manner. It took some time for her to get used to performing aegyo, but she did find it quite fun in the long run!

She also divulged that friends are supportive of her acting with male idols. Hate mails from fans of idols she’d worked with? None whatsoever. On the contrary, these fans support her as well!

In her opinion, the fact that she looks older than her age gives her an advantage in the acting industry. She hopes to star in a romantic comedy drama when she is an adult. Upon being asked at what age would she be considered an adult, Kim So Hyun let out a shy laugh. She then answered that twenty should be the ideal age for her to be considered an adult.

On the competitiveness between child actors, she expressed that there is no fierce competition between all of them. Instead, they are more collaborative and supportive.

Personally, the actress felt that she still has a long way to go, and hopes to become a better actress in the future.

Kim So Hyun then revealed that she will be making a short appearance in a drama titled “Goblin”, which will be airing soon. After which, she will be focusing more on her studies and spending time with her family.

Near the end of the press conference, 10 lucky Viu Premium subscribers were invited up on the stage to take a group photo with her and to receive gifts from the actress herself.


Interacting with Fans

On the 1st of October, Kim So Hyun came down to Plaza Singapura for her first public meet and greet with fans. Before her appearance, fans were given the chance to win goodies bags and autographed posters, courtesy of Viu. She was astonished to see so many people welcome her at the venue, graciously waving at them as she looked around in awe.

The host then invited her to share more about the drama, “Bring It On, Ghost”.

2PM‘s Ok Taec Yeon, the male lead in the drama, turns out to be the male actor whom she had the most chemistry with, compared to the other male idols she had acted with. The audience seemed happy to hear that, cheering as the actress made her confession.

With the examinations around the corner, the host felt that students might need a little boost from their favourite actress. Kim So Hyun gave a look of understanding before wishing everyone good luck for their upcoming examinations!


It’s Time to Play!

Five fortunate fans were carefully chosen by Kim So Hyun and invited up on the stage in the next segment. The crowd went wild during the picking process, but the actress finally managed to choose the fans who had successfully captured her attention.

Each fan was instructed to take out a roll of paper from a yellow and to follow the instructions written in the paper.

The first fan unrolled the paper she had, and was overwhelmed at the fact that she had to take a selfie with Kim So Hyun! After a few seconds, she joyfully completed her mission, albeit in tears.

A ten second staring war was the mission to be completed by the actress and the second fan.

However, it was a mission requiring the re-enactment of a scene from “Bring It On, Ghost” which caught everyone’s attention. It was a scene in which Kim So Hyun had no choice but to unleash her aegyo onstage, capturing the hearts of everyone at the venue.

The next fan received a recording of the actress’ “wake-up call” on her phone! Well, at least we know that fan would be waking up on time from that day on!

“Feed me, Kim So Hyun”, was what was written on the last mission paper. There were earsplitting shouts as the audience witnessed the actress feeding the only male fan onstage two biscuit sticks! Lucky guy indeed!

Kim So Hyun was then invited to watch a video compilation sent in by Singaporean fans. Some of them were sweet, while some were passionate. Regardless, it made her feel touched and loved.

As a parting gift, she took a wefie with the fans who were present at the venue. Sadly, the session had to come to an end, and everyone had to say goodbye to the humble actress.

We wish Kim So Hyun all the best in her future endeavours, and hope that she will visit us again soon! Special thanks goes out to Viu for inviting and allowing us to provide media coverage for the event 🙂

Do head over to Viu‘s official website, or download the Viu application on your mobile phone, to watch all sixteen episodes of “Bring It On, Ghost” for free. Not only that, but you can also stand a chance to win cash when you subscribe as a Viu Premium member!

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