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“[SINGAPORE] Kim Myung Soo Is A Heart-Throb At 1st Solo Fan-Meeting”

Known as one of the most popular visuals in the K-pop industry, INFINITE Kim Myung Soo or better known by his stage name, L, successfully held his 1st solo fan-meeting ‘2017 Kim Myung Soo Fan Meeting’ at Resorts World Theatre on 23 September. This marked the idol-actor’s first solo visit to the country, although he last visited in December 2015, when he was joined with his group mates for their second world tour, ‘INFINITE EFFECT’.


Amidst the pearl-golden light sticks, fan-made merchandise and fan’s cheers, the star appeared on stage to deliver his first item of the night – serenading fans with a ballad. His aura and stage presence was one of a kind, as his mellow vocals soared through the theatre.


After the item, the emcee kicked off the fan meet by teaching Myung Soo our characteristic language, ‘Singlish’. The former started explaining to Myung Soo the meaning and usage of the word “Abuden”, which Myung Soo playfully added to most of his responses throughout the fan meet. To further appeal to the local fans, Myung Soo shyly sang a couple of lines of the song “Singapura, Oh, Singapura”, surprising the emcee and fellow Singaporean fans.


The fan meet was interspersed with clips from South Korean drama ‘Ruler of the Mask’, where Myung Soo portrayed the character Lee Sun. The idol furthermore quipped that he has not had a fan meet where so many videos were prepared, and was impressed by the organiser’s efforts.


The clips were utilised to seamlessly lead on to the various segments of the fan meet, including the first activity, where four lucky fans had the chance to act out scenes in the drama with Myung Soo. This was fan service at its finest, as he made sure to give the participants a hug after they acted out the scene. Each of them generously received an autographed card with their names; written and signed by the man himself, and fans in their seats were left in jealously and awe.


The singer then proceeded to perform “It’s Okay Even If It’s Not Me”, the OST of Ruler of the Mask. His stunning vocals left us breathless long after the performance ended. After which, fans were tested on their knowledge of Myung Soo; questions ranging from his birthday to his shoe size, and even what he ate the day before were asked. The singer shared that he managed to eat Singapore’s renowned chili crab the day he landed in the country. Despite feeling under the weather (he told his fans not to worry), Myung Soo had the luxury to spend time visiting various places in Singapore the day before the fan meet. The photography enthusiast then showcased some of the photos he took in New York, United Kingdom, as well as Singapore – where he captured picturesque photos of the Merlion.


The final item of the night was L’s own rendition of the Japanese song ‘Love Of My Life’ from INFINITE’s album For You. Despite his sore throat, he perfectly relayed the emotions in the song with his vocals, leaving fans wanting for more. This was followed by a counseling corner where Myung Soo drew three seat numbers from a box and gave advice to those fans based on the worries they had. Adding on to the fan service, the idol made it a point to walk around the theatre before the fan meet ended, such that fans further from the stage had the chance to be closer to him. After all the fun and excitement, the fan meeting came to an end, with Myung Soo promising that he would come back often, to which fans cheered in delight.


We would like to extend our thanks to Faith & D Entertainment for allowing us media coverage for this event! 🙂


Photo Credit: PTO Entertainment Pte Ltd
Written by: Crystal



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