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“[SINGAPORE] Kang Ha Neul’s 1st Showcase + Meet and Greet in Singapore”


Singapore, 31 October – Charismatic, rising actor Kang Ha Neul was in town this weekend as part of promotions for his movie ‘Twenty‘! The boyish star arrived in Singapore on a red-eye flight the night before, and first stop on his itinerary was a showcase at Plaza Singapura that afternoon. Fans started lining up for a good spot in the morning, and waited patiently for Ha Neul’s arrival.

Neatly styled and dressed in a preppy blue suit, Ha Neul arrived promptly at 2pm and greeted the media and fans with countless hearts and peace signs! He kicked off proceedings by serenading fans with ‘Three Things I Have Left‘, an OST track he had sung for the drama ‘Angel Eyes‘. He then told the audience that he practices singing at home as a hobby; his rich and steady voice was definitely testament to that. When asked about how he felt being in Singapore for the first time, the charming actor proclaimed our country to be hot but beautiful, and even exclaimed out loud ‘I love Singapore!’


Up next was a game segment with 5 lucky fans, and Ha Neul showed his warm side by giving them big bear hugs when they came up onstage. The fans were then instructed to put on headphones and sing along to the K-pop songs being played, while Ha Neul will try to guess the title of the songs. Although only the winner was supposed to walk away with a prize, Ha Neul kindly took photos with all of them. How nice!

This was followed up by a Q&A segment with the media. When asked what CF he would like to film and be in, he chose coffee because he really really likes drinking coffee. He also mentioned that he would love to work together with co-stars Kim Woobin and 2PM’s Junho again.


The showcase then segued into an acapella performance of ‘I Choose To Love You‘ by Ha Neul. He specially requested for the background music to be omitted and for the fans to sing along together with him! Afterwards, he took a selfie with the audience, thanked the fans for their support and said that he hopes to be able to come back to Singapore again soon.


Later that day, Ha Neul made a special appearance at Shaw Theatres Lido to meet with his fans who were attending the screening of ‘Twenty‘. He gamely posed for group photos, selfies and even for the media! The affable star went on to greet the audience in the cinema before the movie started, and then settled in one of the seats to watch the show. This event was made possible by the Korean Film Festival, and the fact that fans were able to experience the movie screening together with Ha Neul was most definitely a nice and special touch.

We would like to thank KMTV Asia and the Korean Film Festival committee for providing us with media accreditation for these events! 🙂


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