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“[SINGAPORE] Kang Gary drops by for Dal.Komm Coffee’s grand opening + fan meeting at The Centrepoint!”

Kang Gary, rapper, and one of the former cast members of Running Man, came down to Singapore last weekend for dal.komm COFFEE‘s grand launch, in conjunction with a meet and greet session with the fans! We managed to catch up with the rapper during an exclusive media conference, held at the newly opened dal.komm COFFEE at The Centrepoint. Fans showed their support during the ribbon cutting ceremony by cheering for Gary, which made the latter a little flustered as he thanked and waved at fans.

Coffee is almost like blood, running through his veins!

dal.komm COFFEE has three blends of coffee; K1, K2 and K3, and Gary was asked to choose the blend which best matches his personality. The K1 blend has a universal appeal, and is said to be very well-rounded, while the K2 blend is sweet, and according to the host, “packs a punch”. Lastly, they have the K3 blend, which is rich and intense. Gary then divulged that he likes the K2 blend, but the K3 blend is his favourite!

Coffee is very important for artistes – Gary himself admitted to drinking 5 – 6 cups of coffee each day! The open mic events which are held at the cafe serves as a very good platform for customers to get into new music, he thinks. He also shared that he was inspired to jump-start his current career after watching a lot of music videos of rappers.

Life after Running Man

Gary had wanted to focus more on his music, which was why he halted his appearances on variety shows. He is currently working on his music and is slated to release a new album within this year! Fans, are you ready? He had been working with music for 20 years, but his path was diverted by him being part of the Running Man cast. Therefore, he is now focusing solely on music instead of anything else, regardless of how well he does on the charts.

When asked about his chances of going back to Running Man, Gary said that he was happy to be working with everyone in the variety show. He wanted to focus on music for now. He believes that Running Man will still be fun without him, though most fans would beg to differ.

Kang Gary on being a guest judge

While Kang Gary is well-known as a rapper to most, we have not seen him judge any of the survival rap shows like ‘Show Me the Money’, ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ and ‘High School Rapper’. He admitted to being offered to judge some of these shows, but he was a little concerned about his own abilities. However, while Gary didn’t accept the jobs because of his mindset, he was motivated just by seeing how these judges work with participants in the shows. He might be tempted to take up such offers in the future, but in the end, he still feels that it’s more fair to give opportunities to people who spend up to 5 – 10 hours or more working on their music.

As soon as the Q&A session was over, everyone was asked to sing a birthday song for Gary. The rapper was surprised as a birthday song was song, and a cake was brought out. He had clearly not been expecting the advanced birthday celebration, judging by the shocked look on his face. Cheekily, he posed for the media; cake in hands, and tongue in cheek.

Kang Gary was an absolute gentleman throughout the conference, answering each question asked with humility. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours, and that he continues doing what he enjoys most!

Thank you to dal.komm COFFEE for granting us coverage for the media conference!




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