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“[SINGAPORE] K-Pop Night Out @ Music Matters 2015”

This year’s K-pop Night Out, presented by KOCCA for Music Matters 2015, was certainly a tremendous success. The line-up featured 4 talented Korean acts; Kingston Rudieska, Glen Check, Idiotape and Sonamoo. Each band, with their distinct traits and talents, brought their own special flair to the showcase and hyped up the atmosphere at the Clarke Quay Fountain Stage!


The festival kicked off with 9-member ska band Kingston Rudieska, who got many of the fans in the crowd to their feet and dancing! Even a sudden power trip did not dampen the spirits of both Kingston Rudieska and the audience. The lack of stage animation barely made a difference as the group continued to impress with their amazing stage presence.


The second act was two-man indie band Glen Check. Apart from performing as a unit, they are also part of a Seoul-based indie band called the Basement Resistance Crew. Their eclectic music is characterised by a good mix of guitar, bass and synthesizer. One of their songs featured some easy dance steps and it did not take long for the whole crowd to catch on. It was light-hearted and catchy and soon the crowd was swaying along to the beat.


Next up was electro-band Idiotape. Their music can be described as a unique blend of electro-rock, with clever work by the members on the synthesizer coupled with a steady fusillade of drumbeats. It was definitely no surprise that they had been invited to play at numerous live clubs in Seoul and around the world.


The final act of the night was none other than K-pop rookie girl group Sonamoo! With their tough, spunky bad girl image sprinkled with just a little bit of cute, the 7 girls captured the hearts of many during their performance. They showed off their ability to cover all genres, transitioning smoothly from fast-paced dance tracks to powerful ballads. It is no wonder their debut single shot to the number one spot on the Gaon chart. Sonamoo is undoubtedly an up-and-coming act worth keeping a look out for!

The Seoul Story would like to congratulate and thank Music Matters Live for the successful show as well as the opportunity to cover this event!


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