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“[SINGAPORE] Jessica Brought Us To Her ‘Wonderland’ At SHINE Festival 2017”

Gracing the stage with elegance and charm, Jessica Jung was back in Singapore on 1st July to headline “SHINE Festival 2017, #OWNYOURDREAMS”. It was Jessica’s first time performing in our little red dot as a soloist, and she expressed her elation to meet the local fans.

The singer shared a few riveting facts about herself during the press conference. Firstly, being a K-pop idol does not come without hardships and occasional failures, but Jessica has learnt to embrace the pros of her job. “I travel a lot, and travelling to different places, and meeting my fans over the world, it is such a blessing,” she professed. The singer also mentioned that it was her mother’s first time travelling to Singapore, and she had the luxury of time to visit Sentosa a day before her performance.

She also hinted about the exciting plans ahead in place for her solo career and personal brand Blanc & Eclare, leaving us with anticipation and suspense. However, one thing is for sure; Jessica will never disappoint us! Performing on a stage in the middle of the lively and iconic Orchard Road as part of the SHINE Festival line up, Jessica was glad that the weather had been pleasant that day. “I know it is really hot out there but thank God it’s not raining right?” she proclaimed, as fans screamed in agreement.

Donned in a white dress that made her look like an innocent princess of her own ‘Wonderland’; it was the first song she sang that night, as the crowd went wild for her vocals and the song’s slick choreography. Toning things down a notch with slower and mellow melodies, she presented ‘Big Mini World’ to her fans, as the crowd sang along with the dulcet tone of the singer. Bringing out a special guest, Jessica then collaborated with Singapore local artist Natalie Ong, where they sang the English version of ‘Falling Crazy In Love’. As two outstanding vocals weaved into one, the crowd was stunned at the magnificence of the performance. It left the spectators wanting more, as this collaboration showcased the skills of both singers.

However, all good things must come to an end, and Jessica sang her last song of the night, ‘Fly’. The singer was shocked and impressed when fans started to rap during Fabolou’s section of the song, as they seemed to know all the lyrics in Korean. Lastly, she left the stage with happiness, leaving fans with fulfilled hearts and bittersweet feelings.

We would like to extend our thanks to the National Arts Council and YOUTH.SG for the generous invite! 🙂



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