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“[SINGAPORE] JBJ’s First Fan Meeting in Singapore was a Dream “Come True” for Joyfuls”


When the second season of Produce 101 ended, fans were not only rewarded with the birth of Wanna One, but also JBJ! JBJ, short for Just Be Joyful, is made up of members Kim Yongguk, Kim Sanggyun, Noh Taehyun, Takada Kenta, Kim Donghan and  Kwon Hyunbin. They were all contestants who had been eliminated in the show previously, but ended up coming together to form a group. JBJ went from being a fan-imagined group to an idol group currently promoting and going on tours in Asia! The boys came down to Singapore last weekend to spend the last bits of 2017 with Joyfuls (their official fan club name), and boy, was it a night to remember!

As If In A Dream
When JBJ emerged and started off with their first performance, everyone went berserk! The deafening screams of the fans could probably be heard from miles away. Imagine what happened when JBJ performed their debut title track next? Yes, it was surreal. Joyfuls enthusiastically shouted out the fan chant accordingly when ‘Fantasy’ came on.


Next, came the talk segment! Of course, the members talked about eating chili crab the night before, because a K-pop idol not eating chili crab in Singapore is totally unheard of, right? A bowl was served along with the dish, which Kenta mistook for tea! It was supposed to be a bowl for them to wash their hands before and after eating.


The members were then asked to pick out questions, written by fans on post-it notes prior to the event, and to answer them. A particularly memorable moment had to be when a fan requested for Yongguk to wink. He ended up winking numerous times so that fans watching them from every side of the hall could capture that moment.

Fun & Games
The charismatic boys took the stage next with ‘From Today’ and ‘As If in a Dream’, in which the romantic atmosphere had Joyfuls sighing over the beautiful performances. Even the coldest of hearts would melt!


Afterwards, the next segment was introduced. The boys would have to decorate their cakes within three minutes, after which, they would draw lots and pick out winners to bring home each customised cake! Things got a little heated as Hyunbin ate a strawberry sexily, and Donghan took his outerwear off in order to decorate his cake with more ease. Sanggyun revealed his narcissistic side when he announced that his cake is called the “Sanggyun, why are you so handsome like this?” cake. The never-ending hilarity of the boys throughout the entire segment made fans cry out in laughter.


JBJ Taken Aback By Fan-Made VCR
An epic dance battle occurred between the members as they got into pairs to win the hearts of fans. In the end, it came to a draw as everyone loved each team’s performances. JBJ then started dancing to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’, which had the crowd singing along as they executed each step perfectly.


After performing ‘Pretty’, the boys disappeared for a while, as fans screamed for an encore. After much toil and sweat, fans got what they wished for, and JBJ emerged back on stage once again! However, when the song suddenly stopped, the members all froze, thinking that there was a technical error. To their surprise, there was a fan-made video waiting for them on the screen. We hope that the video had touched the hearts of these boys, who have worked so hard in order to deliver their best in front of fans!


Donghan could be seen wiping his teary eyes as a cake was brought onto the stage. It was a cake to celebrate the end of 2017! Unfortunately, next comes the worst part of every concert – the ending. After performing an encore of ‘Fantasy’, the members had to bid goodbye to fans. They did promise to come to Singapore once again, so everyone, keep your eyes peeled!


We would like to thank IME SG and Three Angles Production for allowing us not only media coverage of the fan meeting, but also the opportunity to interview JBJ. We hope that the boys of JBJ will make their way to Singapore once again in 2018! 🙂


Written by: Aqilah
Photo Credit: Tricia



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