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“[SINGAPORE] Jay Park brought the house down with energetic performances for SHINE Festival 2016!”


Celebrating the theme of ‘Your Next Stage’, this year’s SHINE Festival started off with a three day showcase of events from the 1st to the 3rd of July. Last Saturday marked the official launch of the festivities, which was held at The Stage at ION Orchard.

An exciting blend of local performers such as Tabitha Nauser, Shigga Shay and Gentle Bones were present to kick start the event. However, headline act and Seattle-based Korean rapper Jay Park was definitely the highlight of the night. Fans started queuing for a good spot, hours before in the sweltering heat, just to secure a good spot for Jay’s segment. When he finally appeared on stage, the enthusiastic crowd showed their excitement by erupting into ear-piercing cheers. The Korean-American rapper immediately incited a frenzied atmosphere with the first song: a cover of B.O.B’s  ‘Nothin’ On You’, which was a hit on YouTube back in 2010.


‘Nothin on You’ was a special remix that led seamlessly into the next track ‘Joah’, which Jay sweetly dedicated to all the Singaporean fans in the crowd. It was definitely a special touch that was warmly received by the crowd, considering that ‘Joah’ was written after being inspired by the change of seasons in Korea from winter to spring.

Next up was the track ‘Solo’. The song showcased Jay’s smooth vocals and when paired with the choreography, became a visual and auditory feast that had delighted fans screaming their lungs out. As soon as the song came to an end, Jay led special guests Korean underground rapper Ugly Duck and DJ Pumkin onstage to collaborate on the tracks ‘Nana’, ‘On It’ and ‘Worldwide’.


Local artiste Shigga Shay also joined in the fun by coming onstage to perform ‘You Know’ with Jay. He wowed the crowd and even Jay himself with his impressive rapping skills before ending it off with his trademark Lion City call which was already familiar to the Singaporean audience members.

The most memorable moments were during the energetic renditions of Jay’s hit tracks such as ‘Mommae’ and ‘Bo$$’. Halfway through ‘Mommae’, Jay stripped off his shirt and nearly sent all his fans present into a hysteric frenzy. Apart from being shirtless for more than half the set, the atmosphere turned up a notch and became even hotter during ‘Bo$$’ when Jay jumped off the stage to greet and hug his fans. Talk about a whole new level of fan service!


As the concert slowly came to an end, Jay continued his stellar run and did not disappoint when the audience chanted his name for an encore. Coming back on stage for the final songs ‘All I Wanna Do’ and ‘Ain’t No Party like an AOMG Party’, Jay certainly seemed to expend all his energy to ensure this would be a night for everyone to remember. He then closed out his segment and the night by shouting “Thank you Singapore! We love you!” to the crowd which could not be a better show of youthful exuberance to get the SHINE Festival show on the road.

We would like to thank the team from Happy Table for the generous invitation 🙂



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