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“[SINGAPORE] ‘INFINITE EFFECT’ Press Conference at City Square Mall”


When INFINITE (Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong) announced the international tour dates for their ‘INFINITE EFFECT’ concert series back in August, the international Inspirit community was abuzz with thrill and excitement. 3 months and 9 shows later, the talented septet have finally arrived in Singapore for their concert!

A day before the show, the boys greeted fans and spoke to the media at a special public press conference held in City Square Mall. Devoted fans had started queuing from as early as Wednesday night to grab a good spot at the venue, which was definitely testament to the group’s popularity here.


The press conference soon began and the boys graced the stage with huge smiles, waving and bowing gracefully to everyone. The crowd gave the members an enthusiastic welcome as they erupted in deafening screams and cheers. After introducing themselves in English, visual member L said that he was extremely happy to see the fans again, and earned cheers of approval as he reminded them to look forward to their concert the next day. Leader Sunggyu then said that he was anticipating the opportunity of trying some of the local cuisine with his band members. After that, the emcee added a little twist to the usual press conference format by giving the members a chance ask the fans questions. Dongwoo took the initiative and asked the fans what they liked about the members, to which the fans in the crowd shouted out their answers with gusto.


The Seoul Story also had the chance to pose some questions to the boys. First up, we asked Hoya when he would upload another cover song on his new YouTube channel and what it would be. This certainly got the fans excited, as he revealed that the next song will be a self-composed track! We’re definitely looking forward to this one, as Hoya had previously shown his talent in composing for solo song ‘Pretending It’s Okay’.

INFINITE was then given a chance to express a few words to the person to their left, beginning with L and ending with Woohyun. The members gave a variety of responses, from encouragement like “Fighting!” to simple comments about how handsome the other looked, earning chuckles all-around.

The answers to the next few questions left many hearts fluttering as the boys stated that seeing the faces of their beloved fans gave them strength and kept them from giving up. Dongwoo was especially cheesy as he proclaimed that Inspirits are the ones who warm their hearts during the cold winter season. When asked how the members celebrated each other’s birthdays, Dongwoo said that they usually try to surprise each other and that since his birthday is coming up, he is really happy to be able to celebrate right here in Singapore. Happy birthday in advance, Dongwoo! 🙂


Sunggyu also took a little trip down memory lane, saying that even during before his debut when he was working hard to pursue a career in music, he most definitely remembered working as hard in school as well. L gave the fans a little insight into how he spends his free time – other than pursuing his well-known passion for photography, he also enjoys watching Korean dramas and movies as well. Lastly, Woohyun answered a question about the finger heart gesture he popularised, laughingly stating that he was proud that it is now being used by a large number of celebrities to express their love for their fans.


To end off the press conference, the members showed their gratitude and threw hearts to the audience. Sunggyu acted as representative and spoke of their number one wish: to see their fans at the concert the next day, before posing for one last group picture for the night.

The Seoul Story would like to express our gratitude to AC Music Entertainment for granting us media accreditation to cover this event 🙂


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