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“[SINGAPORE] INFINITE brings fans to ‘Paradise’ in concert extravaganza”


Anticipation was rife for INFINITE’s 2nd World Tour concert ‘INFINITE EFFECT’ on Friday, as fans had waited for more than two years to see their beloved idol group back in Singapore. The 7-member band is heading into their 6th anniversary since debut and have built up a sizeable fanbase over the years with their trademark brand of live performance. Fans from all over the country turned up in droves for their public press conference the night before, setting the stage for a packed concert hall during the actual show.

There’s really nothing quite like the way INFINITE does stage entrances. The boys appeared amongst flashing strobe lights and thumping bass instrumentals that signaled the start of the concert, standing onstage in an austere manner for maximum dramatic effect. The show kicked off with ‘Before The Dawn (BTD)‘, and the boys drew rousing cheers from the crowd during the impressive ‘scorpion dance’ move. A medley of songs followed with ‘Paradise’ and ‘Be Mine‘, fan favourites that showcased INFINITE’s signature combination of live vocals and sharp choreography.


The boys then introduced themselves in English, with L sweetly saying ‘I am your darling, L!’ Not to be beaten, Dongwoo also told Inspirits ‘You are my Destiny’, after performing the title track of the same name! So cheesy, these boys. Woohyun then confided that he was really happy to hear that Singapore was to be one of their tour stops this year. Afterwards, the group took it down a notch and sat down to perform songs from their ‘Reality’ album like ‘A Walk To Remember.


Next were the special stages – Woohyun was first up with self-composed track ‘Everyday’, and hip-hop unit INFINITE H brought the house down with ‘Sorry I’m Busy’ and Pretty’! Both Hoya and Dongwoo even came down from the stage to walk along the seat aisles and interact with fans. The baton was then passed to Sunggyu, who impressed us with his rendition of his solo song ‘Kontrol’, and INFINITE F (Sungyeol, L, Sungjong) rounded off this segment with the saccharine sweet ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘My Girl’ while throwing signed plushies to the crowd.

Some of the more memorable performances were definitely the songs that INFINITE had not performed in Singapore before like ‘Up To You’ and ‘Moonlight’. Fans also lucked out as they witnessed the live stage of new, unreleased songFor You‘, performed with tall microphone stands as props! The boys continued to execute intricate dance moves for title tracks like ‘Back‘ and ‘Bad‘, while fans cheered their lungs out, carried out impressive banner projects and waved their gold lightsticks madly to the beat.


But as they say, all good things come to an end, and INFINITE started to wrap up their show with an encore stage of debut song ‘Come Back Again’. During the last ment, the boys thanked the fans sincerely for their support and love. Leader Sunggyu gave a heartwarming speech thanking all the staff members who worked hard behind-the-scenes, and also the fans for coming down to watch the concert. Woohyun touched hearts by saying he felt closer to the fans here now that they have made more memories together with INFINITE, and Sungjong wished for the fans to have sweet dreams of the boys! Hoya made a fantastic effort to speak as much English as he could, while Dongwoo’s genuineness shone through in the way he expressed his gratitude to the fans. L was his typically charming self and bid farewell with ‘Take care till we meet again, I’m your darling L,’ and Sungyeol did not miss a beat as he told fans: ‘If you ever cheat on us, I will chase you to the end of the universe!’

The group’s last performance of ‘Together’ sent chills down our spines as the boys showcased their vocal skills and harmonised beautifully for the song. It was an absolutely incredible night, from the opening song to the final burst of confetti – thank you INFINITE for putting on such a heartfelt and amazing show 🙂

(Images courtesy of AC Music Entertainment)

The Seoul Story would like to thank AC Music Entertainment for granting us media accreditation to review the concert!


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